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Moto X features something called Moto Magic Glass. This is a single sheet of Gorilla Glass which is molded to a special polymer to make a continuous surface that wraps around the entire front and edges of the device. There is zero gap with the back.
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cool. why does it look like there is a bumper on the edges? :)
That’s going to make screen replacement a nightmare and a half. While it theoretically shouldn't need it because of the gorilla glass, theory and practice are usually not entirely the same. 
+Taylor Wimberly I remember Sergey saying something about much more durable phones coming from Motorola. I wonder if this + Kevlar is heading in that direction. Also, sorry for hijacking your other post comments yesterday. 
Form factor looks "wobbly", possibly annoying since I often have my phone sitting on the table I'm at, glance at it as the notifications stream in. Every time the table moves, or someone sits down, phone will be all *wobble, wobble, wobble*
What will this do for price? 
This looks nice. Any more info on the MIMO LTE antenna you said this might have?
Does anyone know what generation of Gorilla Glass they are using?  1, 2, or 3
Is it possible they manufactured it this way to make the phone waterproof?
This device is so much more appealing than the new Motorola Droid devices.
If it's got an SD card slot this could be very compelling indeed.
+Chris Koch Microsoft doesn't get a cent for any microSD/HC/XC card slot, since they didn't invented it, or the cards to go along with it. Toshiba did.
You may be confusing the issue with the type of file system in which said card can be formatted. The most common (for capacities above 2GB anyway) is FAT32, designed by Microsoft. Google could simply use any of the excellent Linux alternatives like Ext4 instead, a far more powerful file system.
But really, it is of Google's (and Microsoft's as well) best interests to push for online services and storage, since that ties you to their overall platform ecosystem for the long term. So, lack of local storage expansion is not a mere possibility, it is just a matter of when, really.
It sounds like a solid device! But I'm waiting for the next nexus too, this will be an excellent mid range device though 
Don't like the name "Moto Magic Glass", sounds like names Apple gives to wow their fans.
+Brian Sailer do you realize when this was written? This was all "speculation" and way to look like a fool bringing up an article months old? Come on now...,, 
+Chris Kochinsky The post I commented was a repost of this.. The date was current... And are calling me a fool? 
+Chris Kochinsky Maybe you should check your facts before you start calling people names.. I am not the person who posted the article.. So.. I'm not the "fool briging up an article months old" Someone else did.. I was simply pointing out that the content was incorrect.. 
+Brian Sailer never said you were. If you go back and read my comment it clearly said commenting on something that was posted months ago... 
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