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Moto X features Dual LTE MIMO Smart Antennas, which should deliver the best 4G LTE performance (faster data speeds and better reception). Most OEMs support 4G technologies on the same antenna as 2G/3G, but Moto will have 2 antennas dedicated to 4G LTE. There will be 5 antennas inside Moto X: 4G main, 4G diversity, 2G/3G main, GPS, and BT/WiFi. Please +1 or share for more moto goodies.
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Mark Long
The tech inside this device is actually pretty amazing. I think people complaining about it being dual core are going to be very surprised.
+Russell Holly well just google it and you will see that's the case. Not to mention that is how the "customization" will work. 
+Chris Koch yeah I have done the research. I'd like the man who seems to know everything about this phone to confirm it, instead of going off of rumormill websites. If he says the backplate is removable, I'll believe it. 
Anyone seen anything credible on whether it will have Qi wireless charging?
Nice this is the update I was looking for. Thursday can't come soon enough. This will be torture lol.
+Russell Mullins if the Moto X has wireless charging, I'm sooo getting it. Screw the HTC One :P

August 1st can't come fast enough!

*I'll be surprised though if it does come with wireless charging capabilities
So maybe this is why he left android and me because he is gonna be the next evleaks
+Taylor Wimberly there are rumors swirling around about Moto X having some sort of special Qualcomm radio in it that would make it possible to only have to make one Moto X for all of the carriers, I belive it started out like RM... Any thoughts?
Wonder how long before this becomes 'hot on Google'?
and they just killed SVDO. Who cares for minority CDMA market ! Qualcomm and OEMs are Salves of Verizon :)
+Hetal Patel you can do that on Verizon's lte anyway so who cares about doing it on 3G when they are moving people off 3G CDMA anyway?
I imagine this will have the same processor as the new droids that came out. Being that this will have the always on function as well. What do you think?
I heard an UGLY rumor today that even though the announcement is coming Aug 1 the phone will not be available until Oct.  Can anyone dispel this rumor so i can look forward to Aug 1st again?  
+David Swanson if that is true that is going to be DOA. People aren't going to wait 2 months especially when the next nexus is rumored to be coming out around oct/nov
+Chris Koch I agree about the DOA. I found this one hard to believe considering how fast components become obsolete.  I was just looking for a few others to chime in with me to make me more optimistic about the upcoming announcement
I am on a grandfathered unlimited VZ data plan and I would like to keep it as long as I can.  This phone give me hope that I can upgrade for a reasonable cost and not have to be re-locked into a contract I don't like.
+David Swanson I am in the same boat. Looking for a good phone off contract that way I can keep my unlimited at least until the other carriers catch up then possibly switch 
You seem to have missed the point of "dual MIMO".  That would be not less than 5 antennae that are used by LTE.  I expect that would be two dedicated exclusively to LTE, two more shared by LTE and 2G/3G (though, if T-Mobile wanted to update it's HSPA+ towers, that could share the first antenna pair with LTE to deliver HSPA+84), and one more used by everything for balancing and attenuation purposes.  WiFi, BT, and GPS use their own, completely separate antenna which is not generally considered when counting the broadband antennae in a device since it's not capable of carrying mobile broadband (also, were it not standalone, it would interfere with the device's ability to use those features at the same time as mobile broadband).
+chukwuma odihe nobody knows for sure. Rumors say $199-300 off contract but we will find out next week when they announce it 
The best antenna that I want on the motox is to received wireless from project loons! A phone from google and internet from google!
+Nathaniel Mosher I admit to maybe possibly being fickle, but i'm still on the fence with these flagships. A big kicker though would be wireless charging, something neither have. Plus if I can get it on contract from att for 100 or less, I wouldn't have to sell my atrix. Something I'd rather not do. I love my atrix 4g for some inexplicable reason.
+Shane Wood Just good natured ribbing of course. If I were up for a new phone I would be doing the exact same thing.
+Nathaniel Mosher I may still get the htc one, then if the moto x turns out to be uber awesome, sell the htc one and get the x off contract... and make a bit of side profit >.>

If it's at all possible to do such a thing :P
+Shane Wood I feel the same way about my Bionic. Every once in a while i peer into my desk drawer and wonder what might have been. :'(
Hey +Taylor Wimberly do you know if that is a button on the back where the Motorolo logo is?  If so, do you know the function of it?  I read something a few months back about Motorola getting a patent for touch controls on the back or something along those lines.  Would be nice to have a button for 1 touch voice command if you dont want the always on feature enabled.
Would these antennas be shown in the FCC docs? Engadget showed the FCC papers, but there was no mention of MIMO.
What's "Dual LTE MIMO" besides Motorola's newest marketing term?
Every cat 3 or 4 UE on the market since HTC Thunderbolt had 2x2 MIMO since its the Release 8 LTE requirement.

Moto X cerainly can't get "faster speeds" if the baseband processor is still same Category 3 or 4, capable of 2x2 MIMO leveraging spatial multiplexing.
Cat 5 UE basebands, which are due by the end of 2014 or 2015, will be able to go up to 4x4 MIMO and effectively double the downlink throughout if the setup is supported on the eNodeB side as well.

You're also saying that there will be 5 antennas, 4G main, 4G diversity, 2G/3G main, GPS, and BT/WiFi.
But I don't see 2G/3G diversity which is btw mandatory for CDMA devices, and also many W-CDMA devices have adopted this antenna setup for quite a while.
This whole thing is making me scratch my head tbh...

+Milan Milanovic You also seem to misunderstand the meaning of dual-MIMO.  Single input, single output would be 1x1.  Multi input, multi output (MIMO) would be 2x2.  Dual MIMO is, rather logically, two sets of 2x2 - hence, 4x4.  The detail that is left out of the #x# figures is that there is always an extra that handles attenuation (and other things) for all the bands/tech levels.  
I should also note that the #x# figures do not translate into numbers of physical antennae in any logical or arithmetic manner.  One might think that MIMO (2x2) would require 4 antennae, but it does not.  Nor does dual MIMO (4x4) require 8 (or 16).

Really, the bottom line is that antennae geometry and radio architecture are extremely complicated.
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