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Something to look forward to.
Do you have a question that you've been dying to ask? We'll answer as many as we can!

Tomorrow, we'll be hosting a AMAA (ask me almost anything) on +reddit's very own r/Android subreddit. We're really looking forward for this opportunity to get to know the Android community better, and would love for you to join in too.

Starting Time:
8:30 PM EST
1:30 AM GMT
9:30 AM CST
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why on /r/Android? I'm banned there.
Lol because it's an android phone? Why are you banned there?
They got their time zones a bit crossed there. Should be 9:30 PM CST. I'll be checking it.
+Victor Wung Some redditor kept posting the same S5 "leaks" of QHD and OctaCore, over and over again and it kept getting downvoted and in one of his posts I said "OP is a reposting fag" and BAN.
+Victor Wung  I don't think so, anyways I can still upvote/downvote, but it's one of the main subreddits I visit.
+David Moreno maybe you shouldn't use homophobic slurs. You deserve to be banned. Next time, think before you post. 
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