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+Taylor Wimberly  are you still with solavei?  I'm going to be switching to them very soon and looking for a sponsor...  I don't know many....
+Sean Livingston Yep still using Solavei on my Nexus 4. They recently cut the enrollment fee for good and lowered the price of the SIM card. It sounds like they will offer LTE soon when T-Mobile opens it up.
+Taylor Wimberly Any recommendations to getting started that you would personally recommend that are not necessarily found on the website?
No special steps. Just make sure you get your phone setup correctly and then install their Android app. 
ok.  I saw your instructions on your blog; those will suffice I take it.  How long did it take for you to get your sim card, 1 week?
Join their 1K Challenge program and they will provide 90 days of training tips 
In the app it is listed under mange account. Should be in a similar spot on the member login page. 
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