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#Solavei mailed me a pack of free SIM cards for Christmas. Pretty cool company so far as they continue to surprise me.
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have U got paid yet..?
Awesome my contract is up in may with ATT and I'll be switching over then. 
Allen A
AT&T decided that I didn't need my unlimited data plan anymore. I will be looking further into this (until Google brings their own service...) 
I put my Nexus 4 IMEI into their thing to try and sign up, and it says my phone is not supported. Hah, awesome.
+Dylan Andersen they haven't updated their database with all the latest IMEIs from the Nexus 4 but the phone is supported. I can give you another IMEI number to bypass the check and get a micro SIM. 
woo, can't wait; soon as my n4 get here, hoppin' on this real quick.
Their website I think needs an update. I put in my zipcode, says that I don't have their service.  I put in the zipcode I use to live in, literally 20 minutes away, says I have service there.  That brings up their interactive map, I put my current address with the zipcode they state they do not service, and my zipcode is considered "Excellent Service" according to their map.  #lulz.
When signing up for Solavei how do you know if your getting a SIM card that is compatible with AT&T's network or T-Mobile, and are there any hidden fees when joining Solavei?  I'm pretty close to getting a Nexus 4 and think I am going to go with Solavei.
+Nick Orth As mentioned above, they only use T-Mobile's network. However, T-Mobile has refarmed their network in over 50+ major markets and they now support the same 4G HSPA+ bands as AT&T. The only other fees for joining are the $9 SIM card fee. Each month's bill also includes local state taxes. Let me know if you have any more questions.
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