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Taylor Wall
Ubuntu Linux, Poetry, BYU-Idaho, Audiophile
Ubuntu Linux, Poetry, BYU-Idaho, Audiophile

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Voted employee of the month at Low VA Rates! They asked me to write a couple of sentences:

"Due to a series of fortunate events involving a phone call, a Facebook post, and some spontaneity, Taylor moved to Utah from Wisconsin after fitting each of his seven identical polos, along with the rest of his belongings, into two suitcases placed in the trunk of his first car that had repairs completed the night before in the family garage which was detached from the house where he previously enjoyed listening to "Dark Side of the Moon" on home built speakers now in the basement where previously his family kept another consisting of seven chinchillas owned by the eldest son Sterling, whose only brother Taylor went to BYU Idaho and now lives in Provo, periodically contemplating the next set of ten things he can live without. This is now a couple of sentences."

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Something I wrote tonight about a set of wireless earphones I won on the #OnePlus community forums:

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...and please contest my opinions, even when I do have evidence to back things up, and am simply expressing my view of the facts or what I value.

The common usage of this phrase seems like a weak way out, similar to how people "agree to disagree."


If both parties keep their heads and manners, often they can pinpoint what the other values, and why they disagree. This understanding is far more valuable than simply closing the argument.

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When you find an article about "USB 3.1" and the mock up connector geometry is superior to USB-C... Apple, I love your lightning connector. (Bottom right. No little wafer in the device, and easier to insert.)

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Flawless design...

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I support #Apple on this topic, and hope #Google takes note!

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"A music lover listens to music with his sound system.

An audiophile listens to his sound system with music."


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"Good for Apple, bad from consumers."

I agree when the article mentions Android too. Since Lollipop, I think there are a few things that have gone downhill instead of improving: the recent apps switcher, and notification pulldown along with quick toggles.

“There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.” —Jackie French Koller

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Bridal Veil Falls: a panorama I took to show the higher resolution used by Google Camera whenever stitching is involved.
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