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Taylor visited the Google/YouTube campus in California for a Q&A session called "YouTube Presents" ... over 30,000 questions were submitted by fans for the event. See which questions were answered below!
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nice, great vid.

...and the obligatory, first!
So excited I got to see this in person! Thanks for stopping by and chatting with us for a bit -- you're an inspiration!
Xin Li
Working at Google definitely has its perks. Yesterday was my Taylor Swift day. Spent the morning waiting for Taylor and got to see her live at Q&A from the 4th row. And then went to her concert at night.
well one thing about her is that she can sing, while a lot of the other singers are not so lucky
Man, I should've definitely come to your concert last night in a cow costume.
Xin Li
+Catherine Choh The concert was definitely something. Usually it's just me blasting "You belong with me" in my earphones, mouthing the words at my desk. It's something else to be surrounded by 13000 other fans who all know every word to every song. And then when she sings the first few words to chorus for "You Belong With Me", and then holds out the mic, and suddenly all 13,000 fans around you are finishing the chorus, and it's this wall of sound around you. It's pretty breathtaking.
Thank you for visiting the Googlex. Be really cool to see you and Jason Aldean, who visited earlier, perform a duet in the future. All the best.
You did a great job Taylor! The interviewer not so much. I taught he came off as insincere and just plan rude. Thanks for putting up with him. Have a great weekend!
I enjoyed the interview. It was very informative. Its always good to get good information.
Love you TaySwift! It's so nice to have a person share their feelings like it's from her own diary! You're songs are a-maz-ing!
Awesome to have seen you!! =)
Just finished watching this video. Taylor is an amazing artist and a great role model for our younger generation.
I wish I could've gone!
Chan Li
You sings great !
Great to be in your circle! One of the things that sticks out in my mind, was in the Rolling Stone article about you that you tried over and over again to win that talent show. You finally did, and the rest is history! Keep up the great work!
Tylor,I love You And Your Music Just For Voice Ang Guitar,I Paly Guitar And Follow You
Aiman I
love you FOREVER & ALWAYS.....
i think its a nice interview for taylor swift.i guess i dont have nothing to say.
Sure we have her voice.
hi,me and my friends want to be in your alive concerts, but we can' i asked one of my friends to send me your albums,and she did,they are perfect.we love u & we want u to know,ehsan,iran.
I love u so much. I love your sound. and your actions <3 <3 <3 u
ur songs are just awesome.....i love them all
Dear Taylor my names joshua ward and you have inspired me so much you make my life so much easier with out even knowing your music inspired me and helped me come out to my family i really hope you read this and would love for you to follow or even twet me @JoshW866 I LOVE YOU!
the second i woke up i watched that video!!! :)
She is so amazing and so down to earth!
I love Taylor she is so cool and i love her.
Ur awesome .
I love your song Last kiss.
It made me cry. (:
That one song you have dear john makes me feel like a complete ass hole by the way. I am a nice person but just because i messed up one time doesnt mean you needed to write a song about it! come on now
OH MY GOD I KNOW YOUR REAL BIGGEST FAN- MY FRIEND MICHEALA FLEMING!!! she knows literally everything about you
omg Taylor, i truly adore you!!!! I went to see you perform in Manchester in March and i can't wait till you come back :) PLEASE let it be soon!!!! Thanks for all your music <3
hi taylor so whats up i love your music i love u
hi girls i am new to Google+ r u!
taylor you are the best singer ever!!!u inspired me to start ur vid u belong with me wen u were in the bleachers u were holding a clarinet...that is y i play clarinet....
i like you....... i love ur newest song
When is your next album coming out????
Taylor Swift You are are a great Musion I am guitar player and I'm going to play on stage at my schools talent show how did you feel when you were first on stage? and did you ever perform at your schools talent show?. you are so cute I'm a fan of yours.
i am ur fan taylor!!! i cant wait i sing a little but im too shy to sing to others... but i hope i get to meet you some day!!!!!!!!
Taylor We Love You....
I am Indonesian Swifties...
hope you're come to Indonesia...
there's a lot of indonesian fans.. quite surprised.. hope she came here once in a while..
I love Taylor Swift ..................
taylor swift she ios awesome
nice viedo taylor
Hey guys I does not fit in here.......WE love SWIFT!
Baby I'm your Biggest Fan.
i am nu here plz. let me know how G+ work !
MIND BLOWING ..TAYLOR!! i love ur song so much i am a great fan of your
FINALLY,i find you here,TAYLOR! I LOVE U!
t swft is the besttttttttttttttt
Nice voice and cool country. y u be so mean..
The girl that i like ask me to hear "last kiss" :(
you're the BEST!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU XD
oh my girrrrrrrrrlllllllllllllllllllllll
u are so beautifull and have a phenomenal voice!!great fan..really!!
your so prettyy. and youve been loyal to all of your fans..thanks<3
OMG! I love you Taylor! You are such an inspiration to me! You are sooooooo beautiful! I went to one of your concerts and you are such a good performer! I have been listening to you since about 2005 or 2006 and I was 5 or 6 at that time. I remember when i would say and still say, " She has such a great singer." You are amazing, keep it up, Taylor!
Taylor Swift...I love ur music...and you...and I want to be juuuuuuuuuuuust like u when I grow up! Go T-Swizzle!
wait for u in JAKARTA
i love you so much taylor <3333
Taylor Jesus loves you, sing for him use your talent to bring glory and praise to his name, worship the master, Taylor you must be born again. 
U look beautiful in this video :)
Cant wait ur Speak Now World Tour Live CD+DVD !!!!
and all other TS fan listen to my comment above!!!
hy... tylor... me really fans to you
hey taylor,i hope u read this. i wanted to know any way that i can send you some notes and lyrics for you ? i would send them for you maybe you like them. love you so much <3
pls add me to yur circle .. pls ... :)
you inspire me so much....even the word "unforgettable" that you said made write my first song, THANK YOU :)
I can't wait until you come to louisvill :) I am going to your concert
ur voice is awesme and beautiful........ i love ur songs
+Payal Kumar Because this is the google+ page for, not Taylor Swift herself.
awesome taylor!! she rockx :)
i love you Taylor Swift! soooo awesome.. I was enchanted to meet you.. :))
im so bored tay! u bring magic in my life :) im wonderstruck
+Payal Kumar hey dude!! Actually whenever we join someone who is a celebrity on such web portals, it should be noticed that although it is their official account, but the celebrity seldom uses this acc.
his/her assistants are allowed and hired to keep that account updated for the viewers and fans like us!!
That is why they use noun instead of pronoun............ :)
Hi,Taylor Swift your songs are great I love them! :)
Hi Taylor you are the best singer in the world i would love to come to one of ur concerts but sadly me or my parents don't have enough money but ur still awesome
taylor, iam an 12 yea old girl and u are a good example to me :)
Ur so amazing! I love you so much!! Can't wait till you come to Melbourne, Australia on the Wednesday :D I Love you. Can't wait till i see u again :D<3<3<3<3
Oh yea my mum said she also loves you and we think you are gorgeous
omg i cant wait untill u come to Carrlotte North Carolina in November! u r awesome!
ur soooo real unlike some people who keep pretending to be someone who they are not
Taylor you are my role model! Every one of your songs helps me get through the tough times in life : )
Hey Taylor im going to your concert on October 15!!
i love what she said about what beauty means to her :)
I love you Taylor!!! But I never went to 1 of your concerts, but I have be beggin my parents!!!!
Ur my idol !! (: & your a really great singer I really want to meet you (:
you are so cool!!!!!!! I just bought tickets to your concert in Auckland New Zealand
Is this really Taylor Swift?!?!?!?
Ms. Swift you look beautiful as always!
hey taylor... big fan of yours.. please add me in your circles
i love your eyes, like deep spring,i lose myself in it,love you ,Taylor!
OK so you most likely not going to read this I'm hoping you do thought it would be pretty fantastic but so I am a really big fan of you and so are a bunch of people at my work basically all guys and people think we are silly but no one really liked working Sundays or w/e so we made this name for Sundays "Swift Sunday's" and it's so funny because everyone is like oh happy Swift Sunday or TGISS. we all think your pretty awesome haha I hope you respond haha
T Oboun
you're a beautiful girl
Aod Z
I ♥ Taylor
apparently there is 78,343 people that have her in their circles (More Than Justin Biber)
ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fan following is toooo big bigger biggest
omg taylor I LOVE YOU i am 13 and i have all your songs...I love haunted and all your other songs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My sister went to your concert in portland....she got to meet Abigail!!!!!! I have a question. How hard was the journey to become famous and to have your songs played on the radio? How did you become famous????? HOw do you get inspiration to write your songs? I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!! <3
Tom Wu
Taylor Swift, you are the best thing thats ever been mine ;D
Taylor you are crazy talented! I LOVE your music... Keep it up! :) I'll be a fan...FOREVER AND ALWAYS :D
omg taylor i went to your concert and you touched my hand i was so happy and embarrassed because i started crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
beauty is in gratitude
in ones great atttitude
beauty is in action
like dance of michal jacson
hey i like your music video ----- sparks fly and mean girl
can i know your upcoming music video
omg taylor i know everything about you. You were born on December 13th 1989 at 8:36 am on a Wednesday in Pennsylvania. I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!!!
New u were good from the start!
hello taylor swift. Im a fan of yours. I love all your songs and I actually memorized it all. No single that I wasnt able to sing it. You take care always.
Ur so gentle and elegent so that no one can turn on by looking at u. Ur have kind face and behavior. I love such nature too.
U good girl. :-)
U r so gentle and elegant so that no one turns on by looking at u.
U have kind face and behavior and I like such nature. :-)
U good girl.
hey taylor that would be so cool if you had your own show called totally taylor!
hi Taylor be successful in the future.
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Taylor Swift <3 I love your singing.
Taylor Swift I'm a very big fan of urs and i have each and every album of urs and i love u like anything

<3<3<3<3 Anamika(ur biggest fan :P)
hopefully the next concert i go to ill get back stage passes!!! id love to meet you!!!


OMG! More than 3,0000 Questions? This is crazy!
You are my Idol, I love you
Kami S
you are fabulous. You are beautiful inside and out. and im not just saying that JUST because your famous :P
+Taylor Swift , you will probably never even get this message, but I put you in my Friends circle (because I love ya! :)) and I really want YOU to friend me back. Wouldn't that be so amazing? I be so happy!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks! <3
Hey Taylor im going to your concert tomorrow night in Oklahoma City!!!!(: I'm so excited!
I wish more celebrities would do that! +Taylor Swift You are so awesome! You seem so nice, talented, and down to earth. I would be so excited if you did that to me. "Nothing better than a waving cat." --Taylor Swift. We love you, Taylor!!!!! :)
taylortaylortaylor i am your biggest fan! i lve everything you do, and every single song you've written that i can purchase LEGALLY is on my iPod! You are a true inspiration and everytime something happens to me, I listen to one of your songs or albums or watch a video of you and I instantly feel better! ILY!<3
Taylor Swift you are my life..I love you! Stay Classy!
taylor i love you more than my world:) you inspire me to sing.... plz talk to me i wanna be like you when i grow up:)
Meg Sweeney ur dum -I think u r but also u no wats funny Taylor does ot she sent me a message saying that
My daughter Leah had almost all of your albums and loves you. She is very excited to be actually talking to you!
Tay tay I think you rock, I would love to meet you and have adventures. I don't know you, but I think we have some commonalities.
taylor swift you look so beautiful
taylor your figure looking hot but your face is looking sleepy why?
Hi.. I love you too. You're so beautiful, and most of your songs heard and loved all of them.
you are sooo pretty i went to one of you concerts it was with rascel flattes and i think it was sometime in 2008 in detroit i love you taylor <3
taylor is the best! i love u i went 2 one of ur concerts!!!!!!!!!!<3<3
hay taylor i love your music!!!!!!!! all your fans made a good disition for liking you and is that okay i added you to my circle
hay taylor i posted the coment above this one and can you post somthing on my page the user is lucy coppola just search that and post!!!! still love your music!!!!
i went to the one in buffalo but i never got to meet u.<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 also,i love the video when ur in singapore and u play that flute-piano thing to love story !
meeeeeee tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Hi,I love your songs and Cd's!What are you going to do next a movie,a new compilation of songs on to A CD! :)
I want to be like you when I grow up, I will do anything to meet you or go to your concerts! I aspire to me as inspiring as you!!!
thanks you answered all my questions
i swear,you can make any girls day better
i love you.... i have been to your concert and i loved it.... it my my firts concert and so far my favorite!
plz inform Taylor Swift ... that now i m single....... ;D
Taylor u ROCK!!!! I love the song Haunted and Sparks Fly!!!!
yo Taylor, I don't think Celebrity Jihad has your pic, see the girl they got has tits, you don't so I think that should clear this whole misunderstanding. Tell the world you dont have tits and no one will place any attention on that false picture
how many people acually watched the whole thing???
swizzle, where u been....u have been to quiet and we miss u!
you are my role model!!! i love you! please resopnd!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Taylor, I'm going to your concert in three days! I'm so excited.... I really hope to meet you!
C Mac
omg you rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg r u really katy perry !!!!!!!!!! happy
I am your biggest fan I have all your CDs and I have gone to all your concerts and so is my bfffff hailee she loves you to we are your biggest fans ever I would die without you :)
Also I hope this is the real Taylor swift
its her website guy, she has a real google+ prob
Hey Taylor,
My sister loves you!!!!! Mean, Mine, Fearless!!! All of them
oh yeah.... I am totaly going to wtch a 42:33 BOUT A GIRL THAT I DON'T LIKE
omg taylor!!! i love you soooo much! i am super excited for your concert in nyc!!! hope there will be a t-party room!!!
im your NO.1 fan. love every song you made. love love
I saw you last night!! You were so awesome..... you'll have to read my post or else this comment will get way too long!! I loved the whole thing and I can't wait to see you again! I was enchanted!!
Im your biggest fan my room is filled with all your posters my radio and iPod and phone are filled with your music and I've gone to all your concerts. Same with my BFF we love you we are your biggest fans:) I would freaking die with out you. I luv you 
Hi Taylor, I love the way you sing; sometimes sad, other sweet and other MAD!!!!!!
Taylor Swift Rocks My World :)
u won the cma awards awesome job love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you taylor your my hero and my inspiration :)
i luv you taylor please comment on my profil;e
taylor i luv u so much ive been to all of ur concerts u performed here in austin the speak now 1 was my favorite u r my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Ahhhhh yes !!! Happy Holidayz Tay Tay :)
OMG Taylor i am a huge fan i love you so much. you are my fave singer.i am your number one fan. And my name is Taylor too.
i love u i am a huge fan of u
I just loved seeing your show when you were in Denver. Itwas so awesome.!

taylor you are the best singer ever!!!!!!!! i love you so much!!!!
hey i love you and your so awesome and when i listen to your music i just want to stand up and dance
your sssooo kwl your really nice!wish i could meet you!!!!!! im so following you.
nope. this is the last comment
Taylor. You are amazing. If i could only have the chance to meet u in person, it would be a dream come true. I want your autograph so bad!
you don't know
you don't know you're beautiful
that's what makes you beatiful
I love you +Taylor Swift You're are my role model and I respect you very much!!!! <3 you!!!
Omg, Taylor, you are amazing, magnificent, beautiful...I wish I could meet you in person...ha,ha...
 i love you i wish i could meet you and you are my idol
Omg taylor u r my idle I look up to you u r so awesome. And an amazing singer
Your amazing i wish i saw you in concert that would be unreal
my friend and i love you ur awesome Taylor
Ri Akma
Your awesome Taylor, i love your music, i'm nt really answering a question, am i? LOL, LOVE YOU!!!!!
Last comment! Love you TAYTAY!!!
Ryan Ng
I love Taylor
Ryan Ng
Last comment hahaha
yay last comment i love taylor i want a free concert for my grade school but i do not have a fb and i am to young i want u to come to my town SB Cali (a.k.a Katy Perry's hometown)
No, this is the last comment :b
not gonna happen, but worth a try.....
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