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So who's this accounts admin? :D
guys, did you just learn how to use the internet? It's obv it's just a fanmade page (well i am still waiting for an answer but all celebrities prefer twitter over other social media)
Welcome "not actually Taylor Swift" but someone from her Marketing & PR team!
thank you sir. you are trully a gangster.
Ok thx for the info then, my bad on this one ;)
No updates for a while , although her Facebook page got new pictures. I'm getting suspicious now :D
Dear Taylor,
I am music lover, I play guitar because of you, I love my life because of you, I am bullied, but because of you, I learn to live because of you. I love your songs, they really connect to your fans, you are so kind hearted, you are pretty and sweet as well. I love singing because of you, I like sparkles, I think love is a complicated thing, I am not like many of my friends who have boyfriends, they laugh at me, but because of your songs, I know that I have to be myself and I learn to be strong. I have learnt that some people are just plain mean, I learnt how to be fearless, I learnt that sometimes, you just have to let go, and mostly, you have taught me to be myself and to be thankful. I am greatful to be able to be here now and I am thankful there is music. Thank you for reading this if you do.
Dear Taylor my names joshua ward and you have inspired me so much you make my life so much easier with out even knowing your music inspired me and helped me come out to my family i really hope you read this and would love for you to follow or even twet me @JoshW866 I LOVE YOU!
Dear Taylor Swift....
I LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!!!! I have every single one of your albums and I love them!!!!
taylor swift i may only be 18 but omg you are soo beautiful, and ur songs inspire me and mad eme the person i am today, AND IM A GUY@!
xactly!! isnt she just amazing??? she is such a great roll modl
Isnt That Pic from behind the Speak Now CD? sweet!
You Guys are sooo Dumb!!! OF COURSE ITS NOT THE REAL TAYLOR! YOU THINK TAYLOR HAS TIME FOR YOUR NONSENSE!!!??? Please if she had to tell you people then she would have
please use ur common sense even i love taylor but if she is real then do you think in her busy life she has time to reply, then please.
Congratulations ☆ ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR ☆
I love your dress. I think your the best singer and I am glad your the entertainer of the year. I went to your Speak Now tour in Dallas it was the best thing ever! I think you are very pretty also. I hope when I am older I could be as nice as you and as pretty as you and as talented as you. Your the best

you should have won way mor awards than entertainer of the year even tho u rely deservd that award
One small step for man.....
1 giantz leapin Lizardz 4 mankind
luv u taylor!!!!!ur my fav!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Taylor! I love your music and I went to your concert at madison square garden on 11/18 2011 I think it was! Your really awsome! <3
Praying for you my WINNER sweet SWIFT
U r so inspiring Tay Tay keep writing and singing
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eh i tried it but then i quit
liv f.
i know im just another fan but i just want to sy that im a huge one!!!!!!!!!!
Hey taylor swift I am your biggest fan!!! I have everything related to you. Do u ever knOw if your gonna have a concert in Denver soon?
I love Taylor Swift in her style and her voice. Press + if you watch every Taylor Swift's music video.
Dear Taylor,
You are the best singer ang song writer ever.....never give up
P.S. That eye thing is super hard
‎"Taylor Is Flawless" 13 AWESOME!
what do you do when you are not singing
Hi Taylor! My dad dosen't use his account any more so he gave it to me. I'm your biggest fan i went to your concert in Arizona. Please be my friend im in 5th grade im a girl
Hi. I LOVE your song a perfectly good heart! please circle me
Do you ever talk to your friends? (google + friends) And do you ever reply to there comments?
Hi Taylor. I don't think your even reading this but i'm 10 years old. I know everyone says that they are your biggest fans and i just want to say your my inspiration. I love your music so much! I love how you are always in a good mood and you can turn a sad situation into smiles from ear to ear. all my teachers say i am an excellent writer. You've inspired me to write a story about a girl that comes from a small town and dreams of having everything but is always put down by bullies and her parents. she doesn't have a very good childhood and she finally gets to live her dream but a few bumps come in the road. For some reason this reminds me of your song mean.Any way, my biggest dream is for when i finish it, i want you to read it some how. But i know that would never happen. I would die if that happened.
I love what Daisy said. Taylor is definitely my inspiration too in every way. :)
TAYLOR......U rock!!!!! heeeheee......We will always love u like sparkles!!
how come u never friend people?
I love you Taylor Swift you are my idol and I went to your cocert it was one of the best things ever I am so happy God created you I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you taylor i want to go to one of your concerts but my brothers dont want to go
i <3 u Taylor ur awesome! me and my cousin <3 sing and we look up 2 u!
ilove your dresses lol your the best
i love you voice you are my admirer
I love the yellow dress
R u kidding? EVERY color looks good on Taylor
U r so pretty u can where any thing so u go girl !!!
The flowy yellow dress is just soooooo pretty:)
Taylor you are soooooooooo sweet !!!! I went to your speak now concert in louisville and you are AMAZING!!!!!!! YOU R SOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!! thx for being my role model!!!
You are awesome! Your a great role model! Your are beautiful and a lovely singer!!! Keep singing!
u have gone a long way and i am glad u havnt done druges like most of the singers i really like u
Ya , EVERYONE is SOOOOOOOOO PROUD of you for being smart and not trashing yourself!!!!! thx SOOOOO much!!!!!!! <3
I'm not "checking out" anyone other than Taylor Swift! I love her so much and I'm a HUGE Swiftie!!!<3 13!!! Go Taylor!
I know ur prob not reading this... But you are my absolute role model! Almost every story in my notebook is about you. I've done about 7 reports about you, and more than half of my songs on my iPod are yours! Loveeee you Taylor!
I'm #180!! I wish I was #13..........
i love you i went to your concret and i loved you your awsome....and you gave me a high five go talyor i love you i wish i was like you
woa!!! that is a VERY PRETTY dress Taylor! U go girl!
i have all of your music taylor and u have really inspired me to do many great things and choices i would love it if u won the grammy's
taylor, you inspire my 1st grade sister & myself! congrats on the Grammy awards!!!
I love you Taylor. Not only are you an inspiration to me but you are also a role model. I'm so proud of you!:)
ikr!, Can'y Wait till I see The Loax Niether!
whoa you look great in that dress you should where it more often! :)
can you invite me to one of your concerts i am your biggest fan i am 9 and my email is
I LIVE YOU YOU THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For those of you who have seen this, pass it on. For those of you who have not seen it, watch and pass it on as well. WE HAVE TO GET THE WORD OUT
KONY 2012
Hey +Taylor Swift, it says in your bio that you're 21 . you're 22 . better change that soon (:
ilysm <333
I LUV U!!! I have been soooo lucky to meet you!
hi my name is carter and i think safe and sound is the best song i ever heard the acoustics are amazing and please tell everyone involved with that song that it is great and i love it
i play guitar because of you and at penninsula school in menlo park every year there is a rock concert and you might want to come to one in march
I really love yellow that dress on you Taylor!
Taylor, you are my role model, thank you so much for staying clean and making songs i love to listen to! you rock!!!!!!!!!
ana b
you rock taylor i love your songs
I loved the Meredith video on your website, lol. Very cute. God Bless. How are you feeling after that long tour? I hope all is well. Call me Sweety. 859-229-7551
OMG!!! I love you Taylor Swift!! You have the most of the songs that I can relate to!!
OMG!! I love you I need tickets to your next concerts
is that true that youre song safe&sound will be in the hunger games movie?
u r so pretty and i am abig fan call me
im your biggest fan you can ever think of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yea i am too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
yeah its ok, but I think that the photo shoot was not all that. Better luck next time Taylor
everything unknown one day
never understand what shapes
birds make flying high

its just a feeling
so out of my mind
easy to imagine
loving you is a crime

just hold any of my finger
ill say you were not mine
i know its not this way
but i promise to walk ......
away out of this memery
i called my best days

when in another world...
hoping you remember me once more
please say you know me
amongst those many stars

ill fall ....from the sky
if you have a wish
need'd to be fullfilled
i promise ...i wont cry as
ill be falling on your house

ill be a star too far away
your so pritty can I have your email?my email is
"Why you gotta be so pretty?"-Taylor Swift
i LOVE taylor swift! I named my email after u! and my pic. :) i went to ur concert and it was much beyond beautiful and awesome!! (sorry if im crazy!:)) can u add me?? <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
u rock i have ur cd speak now im ur nuber one fan i got a oster of u i loveee u NLT
Taylor, I wish that you could come to my house for my birthday!! it would be the best birthday ever!! :) My friends would meet you and everything! And i am just a big fan of you and plus i went to your concery at Wells Fargo Arena!
I love you in that dress! I think it should be on the cover of a cd! I love your music your an amazing singer!
Grace S
u are just awesome
i have just no words for u
i love you Taylor I know all of your songs and love them too
She's my role model too but is this the real Taylor think
I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!!! so guttered i missed your consert in new zealand last week :( make sure you come to new zealand again!!! :) oh and im loving your new song safe and sound ive mastered it singing and on guitar even piano!!! :-D xoxox
God bless :-) xoxox
i've hear d all your song.i love your love story and u belong with me very much
i <3 the song safe and sound from the hunger games soundtrack. it is sooooooooo beautiful. u sing it really well!!!!!
they should call i swiftist
I am like your biggest fan and would do anything to meet you. you inspired me to sing and write songs. you have so much talent! luv u!!!!!!!
Taylor Swift you are such a role model to me! I have learned so much from you!! your kind,fun and inspirational. Especially to me. You inspired me to sing! This is how it happend, a few years back I got my first cd of yours, your songs were so good I decided to sing them myself once I learned how to sing your songs I started singing my own that I wrote. Most of them were sbout helping people and the earth...and then just a few hours ago I saw the 2012 KIDS CHOICE AWARDS...and I saw that you got the BIG HELP AWARD...and that's when I knew that you were my role model and that I would really look up to you so I am hoping to see one of your concerts soon!

Your Fan Mezekerta Tesfay,
taylor swift ur my idole cause you are ssssssooooooo pretty and your so kind i wish i could be you.
-your biggest fan jackie <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 (;
HEY TAYLOR!!!!! j wanted to know i am ur biggest fan plez add me and also i wanted to know when u went on ur speak now tour wasnt VANCOUVER amazing!!
Can u pease add me back Taylor! I have ur speak now world tour cd but never been to any of ur concerts so plz add me

The dress is very unique.
here is my nuber 7709223224
taylor can i meet u!u ar the best singer EVER to me!!!
i love that dress on u and i bet it looks awsome on me to
i love you you are so prettty
i love it<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love taylor swift!!! how bout you guys?
you are soo cool and i love ur voice!:)
I Want you to come back and visit me and my friends in Stone Harbor NJ YCSH loves you!
Put this on ur wall and u will have a good relationship with the one person who u love and who u r dating and they will realize that they love u and good things will happen 2 u 1-4 P.M. tomorrow!! Get 2 posting!!!!
Me and my twin live ur music you are really nice and I've always wanted to meet you you're just amazing and I love tht!!!!
Love and hugs, Daisy😝😁😜
Plz wish me a happy birthday on April 25 I'm turning 11

ur awesome......i really like ur dress and hair and how u r posing in ur picture <3
Taylor i Love you! u r my biggest fan and i think that you are the best singer in the world and you are my idol! I ♥ you!!!
Hi Taylor,
when my Dad first saw you on the CMC Channel he new you were going to be an star, he called me out to the TV and I watched it and I balled my Eyes out it was the most amazing song I have ever heard!!!!
I have been to, two of your concerts in Melbourne the Fearless and the Speak now I tryed to win V.I.P Backstage passes but that didn't work I was a bit upset. if it bet you if would be a dream come true.
I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i LUV!! U T-SWIZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love this song too! It's my all time favorite # 2! My all time favorite # 1 is: Speak Now! Love that song! I can sing all the words and I don't miss a single word at all! Can anyone else sing it without missing any words? If so say "i."
YOUR MY BIGGEST FAN!! i love your songs soooooo much
your way past amazing! i <3 everything about u
you are so pretty and same thing is happening to me i am not popular at all in school its make me feel sad and i sing to and play guitar
hi taylor i hope this is the real u cause i hate when people make pages saying there u but there not i love you sooooooo much u inspire me to get throw the day meeting u would be the coolest thing iv ever done iv decide i have to meet you ur soo amazing and beautiful i cant get over it iv been trying to do ur curls for the longest time but cant get them perfect iv been to ur concert 2 times but never had a good enough seat 2 hug u in i want to meet u so bad and u pro think i sound like a stocker now but i swear to God im not hopefully u read this but if not just no i love u and ur music ur so inspirational i love everything about u just no that please respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u do i might die i love u love ginny
ko thu
i love you song,this song is perfect
I love you so much Taylor you inspired me to start singing now i take singing lessons, love you so much.
TAYLOR SWIFT! Bythe way, can you give us your email?
can u please add me i love your music your awesome!!!! :) <3
<3 you taylor! I just saw you in concert when you came to New Zealand. It was amazing! Please come back :D
Taylor you are so pretty and I am in love with your voice and I go on your website like everyday and listen to your music. I <3 you!!!!!
omg taylor i love you soo much hopefully you have seen my other comments and u will add me to one of ur circles! you are my biggest dream and i am your number 1 fan
my sister is crazy about Taylor Swift
Just beautiful, wat u describe almost perfect
YOU are the best Taylor! All safe and sound lol
OMG Taylor. You are my hero, my idol, everything i want to be. please add me. i want to know how you did it all. i know your story, how you begged your parents to move to nashville, all those things, but i want to know how you kept going. what went thru ur head that made you never give up. what made you believe you could out of all the millions of other people wanting fame be the one to get there.
Please help me Taylor :D your music does already, but i bet just having you write the word "Hi" to me, would make my day (probably would highlight my LIFE)
Please add me Taylor. Read the post i left for you. i would write it again, but i have to get off the laptop :(
i have to go to netball :( i can't keep listening to your music :S
Omg. there is no single word to describe you Taylor! u are so amazing its not called amazing :D lol
i <3 u so much Taylor. u help everyone in every way. i want 2 be just like u one day. i want 2 go to one of Ur concerts but every time i try u are sold out. i'll try again soon though!
Hi taylor I love you!!! Please add me! i reallu would love you to chat with you sometime!!!! Please please please add me!???
I LUV YOUR a big fan of yours from FIJI......hope u add me as your friend......seee yaaaaa
Hey Taylor you are sooo awesome!!!! I love your song Teardrops On My Guitar.
Hey taylor, you are AWESOME. My little sis LOVE LOVE LOVES you! She went to your speak now world tour! In Grand Rapids!
hey tay is there any way you can come to spring tx on january 2 2012 it would mean so much it will be my 12th b-day so happy :)
Hey Swifties, let's make #staybeautifultaylorswift trend on Google+!
I just want to be friends with people. Just people I seen in movies or anywhere else!!!:)
Taylor swift is the BEST singer in the whole wide world!!!
Taylor, u r such a huge inspiration!
I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Your amazing...i can relate to every song of urs!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!
Your biggest fan,
<3 Peri
ever since your songs came out i loved them so much i write songs all the time and there about love you enspired meeee
I wish you would add me to your friends circle I am such a big fan.Ever since your songs came out i have been your biggest fan ever.13
hi taylor swift love ur music video mean
hii taylor swift, love u so muchhhh...
i'm your big fans.. i love every songs that you sing
yokh babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I love you soo much taylor <3!!!!
you know what taylor, I CANT BELIVE HOW CUTE U AND YOUR CAT R I MEAN WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
taylor i love you sooooo much! you are my idoland the thing that keeps me moving on! ilove u!
taylor can u please come to vancouver???
Taylor I might go to a concert and get meet and greet passes!!! If I do well.... See you soon!
Taylor u r amazing. I wouldn't be alive without u. Your songs are what save me.
Hey Taylor! Love your music :]  I'm like your biggest fan! Love you!
im a wayyyy bigggerrr fann
hi Taylor, I have nothing to do and I did nothing for 8 hour so I want to talk with you so PLZ PLZ TALK MY HEAD HURTS SO BAD AND I HAVE NOTHING TO DO. NOTHING! PLZ TALK TO ME RAYWILLAMJOHNSON WILL NOT TALK SO PLZ TALK  PLZ             -------JACK
Taylor, when are coming out with a new album?
can i just say u along with hunger games and josh h. r on my obsession titled circles along with role models
Taylor why didn't u go to the 2012 CMT awards last nite????
taylor swift you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Taylor swift u are one of the best singers that have ever existed! yay 431st comment!!
you look great in any picture. Your listening to a wanna be fashion designer, so be proud.:)
hi taylor i just wanted to say that you and me are born on the same day!!!!!! i was so happy when i found out that!!!!
taylor swift 
i just love you so much 
please reply
id become crazy if u replied
im ur 2nd biggest fan after mary kate who u met on ellen
taylor swift
u r awesome and ur story is amazing
I can't say I'm your biggest fan but i do luv u a lot!!
thanks for writing amazing songs and showing me how 2 follow my dreams!!!
evn im not her BIGGEST FAN
but i luv her loadzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
You are awesome Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 you, and your song "Eyes Open" I listen to It like everday
OMG...your songs are SOOOOOOOOO moving. I can relate to a lot of them!
i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove u taylor and i reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllly would luv 2 meet u. or even just going to one of ur concerts would blow my mind. but my parents can barely afford to pay for one of ur cds.............. we're almost poor and my mom says that we're 200$ away from the poorhouse... and im an extreme celtics fan, but i dont even bother thinking of going to one of their games, because we barely have anything and i have to wear the same clothes that i did last year because we cant afford a lot of new clothes
I love your music and I think you have a wonderful voice! :)
Hey Taylor!!! I cant even imagine being with you or talking with you...You are SO amazing!!! I am not kidding either... I have all your CD's!!!! I had a costume party with my friends... guess what I was... My favorite person in the world....(Thats you Taylor) I want to tell you keep up the great work...  
hey taylor!!! can u please add me 2 ur circles?!
taylor your awesome and every thing. but... why you switch to pop. and all you FANs you need to calm down for the sake of time and space and the number 42.
Hey taylor!!! I love you so much I can't beleive i am yur biggest and bestest fan!!!!!!!!!!!
Taylor i am your biggest fan ever! i love you so much. you are my idol
hi Taylor my name is Brianna and im 8.i am a big fan. you are at the top of my list.  
I really love the music! I love the one that's Love Story, I love that Song and The White Horse also! I love u Taylor Swift! And also I am a middle school girl
I love you so much Taylor! :{) you are lovely, sweet, awesome, intelligent, positive, amazing, fashion... you are the best!
Can you please add me to your circles? Please, please, please? You are such an amazing, kind, and wonderful person! Ignore all haters, and, just keep doing what your doing. You are my favorite singer, and my idol, please, add me to your circle!
i am a big  big big big big big big big big fan  of you taylor swift
i love u taylor swift .not only me but also my friend anina jacob and me nikhitha love you and your songs especially love story and back to december and the album fearless
Taylor Swift, I know you probably don't read these, but I want to tell you that you are my favorite singer ever. I really look up to you. I am a singer too, but not at all famous. At my singing lessons, I sing your songs, and also, I sing them all the time in the shower. If I got to meet you, which probably won't ever happen, I would be the happiest girl in the world. Not only are you a wonderful singer, but you are also a beautiful person, inside and out. :)
Taylor, I also love to sing. Right now I dont know how good I am but you are deffenently my inspiration. I am learning to play the guitare because of you and I really hope to be as succesful as you when I am older and if you just sent me a email or added me to you friends list it would inspire me even more! You are my favorite person in the entire world and I love every one of your songs! <3 U TAYLOR!
i am your biggest fan my fav song is picture to burn
why are you so amazing!!!!
I am your biggest fan Taylor!!!!!! You rock!!!!
Oh and i saw you and Selena Gomez in Agoura Hills where i live in a antique store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HYE HAPPY 4TH  just on chill ready to do it
I have a poster of you taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
i love u Taylor please add me back u rock and im ur #1 fan!!!!i love ur songs they make so much since to a 14 year old going threw a breakup or was atleast!
I LOVE you Taylor Swift!! <3 Your songs are AMAZING!!! Please email me or say hi on google+! 
taylor, i am a huge fan, i just wanted to inform you that u do not want to come across karli wilson and faith hahka. they are rude, bratty, ans they are very meen.
I <3 U Taylor Swift i hav all of ur cd's but i didnt c u in concert,

i love you Taylor swift. and all your songs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am your appsolute #1 BIGGEST fan I love you taylor

I went to your concert ( speak now ) and it was my 1st concert ever ps come to turlock pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase
Taylor next year im going to Alaska in the summer of 2013 meet me there please when i get what toxn ill tell you later :)
Last comment! Yay! Luv u Tay tay. Ps. Make sure to eat lots of whipped cream!!!
I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Name it Taylor Swift Rocks Like Nothing Else. PLUS IF YOU AGREE!!!!!!
Nu uh!!! I'm the last comment!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WIN!! 
Teşekkürler bakınız taylor için tümüyle deger
500th comment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 YOU TAYLOR AND YOUR MUSIC YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAST COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!        PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE RESPOND TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TAYLOR!!! come to Christchurch NZ!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LUV U!!!
I am the biggest fan of Taylor evah!  
No, ya not! No one's the biggest fan ever! :P 500th comment!
yes 500th commet love taylor alot <3
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