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Monday, August 13. 7pm ET. Live YouTube chat and G+ Hangout.
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Awesome! Are you going to be doing this from Nashville? You should have an exclusive studio audience of local Google+ followers!
Yayyyyy!!! I can't wait! :D <333
Jojo Qi
I can't wait! :P
a full of feeling photo~~cannot wait too
That's really nice of you to take your time and do this!!! Thanks  :)
Proverbs 3:5-6
I like Taylor so much! Specially the "Sparks Fly"
+Taylor Swift , create an event from G+ so that everyone can mark it on calendar globally easier :D
Taylor Swift I Love You.....
love u taylor u look great! (as always)
Can't wait!!! Love ya taylor ur one of my amazing role models!!!
Um can someone tell me the Pacific Time because im confused on what time its gonna be.
so going to try to talk with her cant wait
7PM  - 3 hours   4pm pacific time   Eastern 7 central 6   -mountain 5 pacific 4    Google --USA time zones - -select maps-- 
should have used blank spaces instead of  dashes 
I love you Taylor Swift =^_^=
I'll Be There!! If I Can Download My Video Chat Thingy...... 
I can wait Monday 13 August. To chat with Taylor Swift 
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much love from Saudi Arabia! Your music makes this deployment not so damn depressing!
:( Video Chat Thingy Not Working I Don't Think I'll Be Able To Make It If I Don't Have My Video Chat Ready 
là mấy giờ vietnam thế?
YAY I'll Be Able To Make It! See Y'all There!!!!!!!
I really want to play the gutair but i cant figure it out!
That is sooo cool I luv taylor swift!!!!! I am her biggest fan!!
:):) SOOO EXCITED :):) Can't wait for the chat Taylor <3
ohmygod this is amazing! I'm so unbeleivably excited for monday I can't even handle it! I'm litterally counting down the seconds! This is going to be the best day ever! I CAN NOT WAIT!!
And it's on my birthday!
U r blessed with ur beauty and talent.My 3 beautiful daughters and I listen to ur wonderful music day and night.U not only inspire my daughters but myself as well.We love u Taylor!! <3
Taylor is from the heavens and she shows her powers by singing songs....
caroline sunshine? shake it up?
LOVE!!! please check out my videos ;)
I dont think that anyone is from LA
Is there any?
Tailor smith can you do me a favor and tell me i am cute <3     pleazzz !
i'm your fan!!!!!!!
every singal time i c taylor swift i think of kayane west lol some of yall should know what i mean if you dont then you should of watch bet awards but it was a long time ago but he said something mean to her and it made her cry on the stage yea so... yea
is that taylor swift she is so pretty! 
It's 1AM here then, but I'll stay up as long as it's on. I'm NOT going to miss it, ever.♥
she alright but she not all of that beonce better then wait she not even in the catogory with her sorry if i broke u guys felling but my opioion dnt get mad
omg I am not going to miss this G+ hangout!
I'll be there, even when it's cold
i mean to say beyonce is better then her 10000000000000000000000000000000 precent better then her n i dnt add my commos cuz i dnt got time
I appreciate your originality but despise of your style and voice. . . .  To be polite.
I like everything about you Taylor Swift you are talented yous spirit is good.
You are who you are your own style and you Rock It!!! 
you r my abslute favorite star in the whole world!!!!
Taylor hw r u rite nw? Germany tins on point 
I love ''Safe and Sound'' by Taylor Swift. But then again I love the Hunger Games. I haven't seen the movie, I'm gonna buy it. :D
Ikr, my parents got me backstage tickets! 
Roya P.
love u so much
omg i no you have lots of fans tayor but i love you and your songs i swear u write songs about all of my reationships omg if this is you i would love to here back from you  i look up to you i love to sing  even though im that good this is crazy i hope this really is you cause that would so awesome .....u r really talented u go girl
I love your songs they all really touch my heart!
aww i wanna join in but its way to late for me here :( oh well Taylor your still amazing ! x
i would really love to hear you sing it not cool to insult people and if you really wanted to say that you should said it to her face and not behind the computer +Thomas Demaret 
taylor you are amazing!! i luv your songs! my fav is probably eyes open ;)
Please Friend me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all your songs! I want to be you!
Taylor swift is awesome someone who is actually a real person!
I absolutely am your biggest fan I really think your amazing
I think that u r the coolest popster Eva and that ur songs are amazing u r cool as
omg!!! u are amazing taylor!! im sooo excited
Ok taylor i love you!! I watched all the ellens you were on, I have most of your songs....some my mom wont pay for and she wont let me use my own money XD...I have a really good question to ask but you probably wont answer it but it is worth a shot!!!
I right songs too I think u r awesome and that lucky u is such an awesome song
Also smokey black nights is gr8 tooooo please friend mere please!!!!
Omg taylor swift i think u work only celb not in trouble .I THINK THAT ROCKS
U r the most awesome person Eva I'm looking at a poster of you on my wall right now!!!!!
Can't wait!!!!!13!13!13!13! 
Hi Taylor!!! I LUV ur songs!! Listening 2 1 right now while I write this!!! Luv ur songs!! Keep it up!!! Rylee.
Ps. Wish I could have done that:( 
What are you doing right now Taylor
Keep your eyes,eyes, OPEN <313! 
i'm your #1 fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Absolutely love you and your music Taylor. Wish you came to England more so I could watch you live! You are so talented and inspiring ;) xxxx
so cool any way i LOVE your CD speak now its awsome  ^-^
does anyone know where i can get the microphone in the pict??
taylorr is inspirational
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh omg no way I can't wait ahhhhh so happy excited 
I don't have jb fever I have Taylor swift adiction
whos taylor he looks like a good gitar player
taylor swift is a girl smart one
TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U rock I am ur #1 fan I am 11 and live in Ohio all of ur songs should be #1 hit
Taylor Swift is my fav artist by far! Lol u can ask anyone I know they always here me singing the songs to her album fearless! XD
If I go to that, do I need a webcam or can I just show my profile pic? Anybody know?
Alex S
hey u like the Hunger Games?????  Cuz I do too!!!!!!
Thankyou Taylor! I really can't wait to hear it!!!!! <13
Taylor, u have helped me SOOOOOOOOO much through out my life.  every time that I am down, I listen to one of ur song's and it makes me feel not so alone.  u r my role motel to life!!!!  I love u and u make me feel like I have a big sister looking out for me!!! Thx soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
HI taylor I love u so much ur my role MODLE 
I'm so excited! Thank you so much Taylor for having this live chat. Also, I just have to say it, I LOVE Meredith!
Heyy Taylor, I luv ur music, keep it up wit ur music. Ur a very pretty qurl, alwayz remember dat(:
Dear Taylor,
I know you probably won't read this because you have better things to do, but I just want to let you know you inspire me.
As a musician, there are many times when I think I'm not good enough or am actually not good enough. But when I don't get a part in a play or can't audition for a singing competition, I just tell myself that Taylor Swift wasn't famous at thirteen ;)
Thanks for being yourself
I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loveeeeeeeeeee you to.. wish i had you to give me a kick with my vocals lol..x 
Going to do it yes yes
my mom will explode when she sees this
luv your posing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey love your music ...taylor love to se moreee...;}

we love u taylor soooooo much you belong with me 
I have been tellin' myself that if I ever got the chance to meet her, I'd want to hug her and shake her hand while laughing and crying and being silly.  And then, once composing myself, I would tell her that I appreciate her, for she is deffinately a nice lady to look up to.  She has managed to soley do lovely things and not expose herself to doin what all the other unruley young people do.  CONGRATS!!  And I pray that you have many more beautiful things headed your way, Taylor.
This could be the best thing to happen on my birthday! ^_^
Sophi A
Oh my FLACKING Goodness. I can't contain my happiness
OMG I'm so excited! and its on my b day too! I LOVE U TAYLOR!!! <3
Hey, people! Can somebody answer my question? Do I need a webcam for the hangout or can I just show my profile picture?? I really want to go, but I don't have a webcam...
 OMG! Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have all your albums posters!  my favorite song is Mean. I sang it for this Talent Show!  I think you are so pretty. You are my favorite artist! 
to every 5 Cents you get when you hear, "I just freaking wana sex you!" to complete me of course.
awesome post tayler swift I love your music!
What great music. You are an inspirational woman. Stay true to yourself!
I love you taylor!!! Yor songs are the best!!!
+Taylor Swift I know u probably won't comment back cuz I know you're busy and stuff but u r such an inspiration and I love you're music and I always have!
I've been staring at this pic for like, 30 seconds. Can't take my eyes off of you, Taylor!
I don't even really "like" your music, but you seem like such a sweetheart! Don't let the world change you,ever. You seem like a genuine person. Keep it up!
i love your music taylor!!!!!!! your amazing and your music touches my heart!!!!!!!
love the guitar........i know how to play
Renny H
Ive been playing guitar all day.
hi Taylor Swift my friend has the same name as u and my brother lives in Nashville,TN!!!!! :D
hey Taylor I love ur song teardrops on my guitar
Hey guys let's all be annoying and spam random things on some music artist's post that have nothing at all to do with the topic. >.>
Awesome taylor!!!! did I mention that August 13th is my Birthday? Well I just did well I can't wait I'll totally be there!! You are the best singer in the world I am so exited for monday night omg I am so happy I'll be there at 6:45 xD I'll wait 15 min and hopefully I'll get to see you!!! Your awesome...! I sing and if you didn't exist I wouldnt be singing anymore thank you Taylor soooo much

Keep up the rad philanthropy. Commendable.
I'm buying your album the second it comes out...
Love u Taylor!!! u r my idol!!! we have the same bday ten years apart and my fav number is 13 just like u!! i hope i can meet u someday!!!!
You're super beautiful and cool Taylor!!!! Me love you!!!! ♥ 
cant wait im a big fan ur very awsome person to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee very exicted
Taylor! Can't wait! I hope I get picked! <3 It would be an honor to talk to you in person! :D A huge honor! It would make my YEAR!! :D <3 I love you Taylor!
Hey Taylor! I have an account on Taylor connect, and i was wondering, can you make your own account? I think you should, because then we could all share our ideas with you. Thanks for listening!
I am a serious fan of you Taylor!!!!
Also since that I am a pretty good singer myself and have a dream to become a singer when I am grown up!
Anybody be my friend if you love singing and do it pretty well!
no no i am! Your so cool! i met you in VA!
you are so beautiful. I love you. i m No.1 mega fan
LAST COMMENT!!!! WOOHOO! see,that is overreacting. I<3 taylor swift!
Steph V
u've got the best music ever i love u talyor
Kate L
luv YOU!!!
Kate L
you are my favorite artist in the world you rock i know all your songs
Jun Tao
yah last comment i love u taylor i love your songs too your amazing
Jun Tao
i love u taylor u have a amzing vocie i could listen to your music all day
i love ur songs i love never getting back to gether
I love you Taylor, and i love your songs 
You r the most amazing person in the whole entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey taylor can u try some time have a concert in alabama and perform trouble im a huge fan
luv u taylor could u perform in california enchanted, i luv soo much ur beautiful
i want to learn how to play the guitar nowww!!!!!! :}
i love black and white pics
I can't wait for it. And i'm so excited to be one of your chatmate. I wish that someday you'll went here and have a concert to. As perform a RED and something else that belongs there.
Hey talory I'm your fan my name is cassie heithus
i'm your fan!! i love your music ^_^ where  do i chat with you :D because i wanted i can't wait !!!!!
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