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My favorite thing I've made ... since last week. 😁
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I've been talking about doing it for at least four years.
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+Chris Druif MMM
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Made an Altoids tin flashlight with the kids! +Taylor Martin​
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Very cool Taylor.
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Taylor Martin (CasperTek)

commented on a video on YouTube.
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l literally could not care less about whose face is on the $20. Also, skin cancer is bad, mmkay?
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We've got a badass over here
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Buy Interstellar for less than the rental price.

Watching tonight.
OWN Interstellar in HD for only $3.99 to watch on all your phones, tablets, and Chromecasts. Great deal today.

h/t +Michael Interbartolo​
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That's like a dollar an hour!
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Have him in circles
6,292 people
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Looking pretty slick.
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No signal
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It should be known that +Dom Esposito saved the editing of this video today. Everyone, shower him with internet points and stuff.
10 Apps to Hack Your Way to Better Habits
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Automation, ya'll.
No one likes repeating themselves over and over. Here's how you can take some of those simple (yet very annoying tasks) out of the equation with a little automation magic!
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It's seriously been too long since I've soldered anything …
Make a flashlight with an LED and Altoids Smalls tin.
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+Taylor Martin why no untethered on YouTube???
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Hey-oh! This stuff looks familiar!
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+Harrison Synvem Like I said in the video, you have to play with it for a minute for that not to happen. ;-)
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Really hoping this stuff ends up smelling as good as I think it will. ;-)
How to Make Your Own Cologne #minimodmonday
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Have him in circles
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I write things. I also make videos.
Writing, audio, video, photos, editing, etc.
  • Untethered Podcast
    Host/Producer, 2014 - present
    I host and produce a weekly podcast about "nothing".
  • MOD
    Video Producer, 2013 - present
    I make videos about the things I love.
  • CasperTek, Inc
    Owner, 2011 - present
    Freelance writing, videos, social media, etc.
  • Pocketnow
    Senior Editor, 2013 - 2014
    Write mobile-related editorials, reviews, and create videos.
  • PhoneDog
    Managing Editor, 2010 - 2013
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I'm a nerd, tech journalist, phone and sushi addict, and the whitest kid you know.
I'm a nerd by profession. I make YouTube videos and sometimes string coherent sentences together about phones and tablets.
Bragging rights
I have written over 2,000 editorials, dozens of smartphone and tablet reviews and am slowly learning how a camera works.
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