So over the last few nights, I decided to give +Ubuntu Unity a third try now that 12.04 is out.

I hated it so much the first two times I tried to give it fair chance.

So why did I bother to make yet another fresh install of Ubuntu just to subject myself to Unity when I am totally happy using Xfce on Xubuntu, or Windows 7, or ChromeOS, or OS X, or just an old version of Ubuntu?

Because I really want to like Ubuntu. It's been my favorite distro for years (until Canonical forced Unity on me the first time). I keep hoping that Unity will be improved to the point where it is at least bearable and I can go back to Ubuntu.

Unity is still slow, glitchy, and unpredictable. In concert, it is just so damn frustrating to use. I feel like the UI is constantly changing out from under me, and my clicks/keypresses don't take effect for a second or two, which adds to the confusion. I actually feel angry when I am using Unity. Note that I have never felt angry using any of the platforms I mentioned above.

So I am sad to say I'm finally giving up on Ubuntu. I really do feel sad about it, because I feel like something I really loved (Ubuntu!) is gone forever. Luckily Canonical is swell enough to provide +Xubuntu as well. Here's hoping that Canonical won't take similar steps to "improve" Xubuntu. I really don't want to go through all the hassles of trying out new replacement distros again.
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