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So over the last few nights, I decided to give +Ubuntu Unity a third try now that 12.04 is out.

I hated it so much the first two times I tried to give it fair chance.

So why did I bother to make yet another fresh install of Ubuntu just to subject myself to Unity when I am totally happy using Xfce on Xubuntu, or Windows 7, or ChromeOS, or OS X, or just an old version of Ubuntu?

Because I really want to like Ubuntu. It's been my favorite distro for years (until Canonical forced Unity on me the first time). I keep hoping that Unity will be improved to the point where it is at least bearable and I can go back to Ubuntu.

Unity is still slow, glitchy, and unpredictable. In concert, it is just so damn frustrating to use. I feel like the UI is constantly changing out from under me, and my clicks/keypresses don't take effect for a second or two, which adds to the confusion. I actually feel angry when I am using Unity. Note that I have never felt angry using any of the platforms I mentioned above.

So I am sad to say I'm finally giving up on Ubuntu. I really do feel sad about it, because I feel like something I really loved (Ubuntu!) is gone forever. Luckily Canonical is swell enough to provide +Xubuntu as well. Here's hoping that Canonical won't take similar steps to "improve" Xubuntu. I really don't want to go through all the hassles of trying out new replacement distros again.
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Try it with Cairo-Dock!! Seriously. I hate Unity too .... but: "sudo apt-get install cairo-dock" and my troubles were solved. Now it doesn't matter to me whether or not I use Unity or Gnome 3 ... or whatever. I have my nice little Mac OS X like dock down below where it belongs and everything "just works". Best of all: Cairo-Dock can also be used as a stand-alone login option. Just the dock, no Unity, no Gnome Shell. Works too for me. I posted a few screenshots in my albums, just in case if you are curious ...
Mentioning +Daniel Bull here, because he too doesn't like Unity too much. Now he too is a Cairo-Dock user :)
I don't see the point of jumping through a bunch of hoops to manually fix unity every time I install, when I can get a good experience out of the box from Xubuntu or another distro.
+Taylor Marshall Hmmm ... I certainly see what you mean. That would bother me too. But what I do is to adjust it once, sync my configuration via Dropbox, and then I get the same configuration on all subsequent installations that I do. So right now my desktops and laptops at home, my MacBook Pro and my desktop PCs at work, ... they all have the same configuration and the same pleasant (for me) touch & feel Unity- or Gnome3-wise. All in all I only messed with it once, the rest is Dropbox's magic.

But sure ... if Xubuntu or another distro do the trick for you ... :)
Remember when ubuntu was good? You know, before unity. But then ubuntu decided to try something new, and gnome went to gnome 3, and I went to windows. Well at least there is cygwin....
I had been using it since 6.04, enjoyed it very much until 11.04 :(
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