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Android Wear UI Design Kit for Photoshop 0.1

As you might have aware, Google has announced Android Wear specifically designed for wearables, and I am really excited about it – new form factor and new UI/UX to explore (and the sexy Moto 360).

Then I was thinking, why not a simple design kit for those who want to play around with this new form factor which has a very small screen estate? So I decided to make one very simple Android Wear UI Design Kit for Photoshop. What you can expect from it:

2 Adobe Photoshop files – Square (280×280) and Round (320×320)
A few different layout like Incoming Notification, Notification Stack, Contextual Card etc.

That’s it! It’s not meant for accurate mock up as of now since I don’t have the design specs, but it’s good enough to play around and get prepared for the next wave.

The round one goes well with +Spiderfly Studios Moto 360 Mock Up tool!

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There should be a new adjective in english for "WHOA that was damn quick!!": taylorlinged

Well done, bro!
Thanks!  Now people can use +Taylor Ling's UI kit to perfect their app design, then slap it into our mockup to see what it could look like in real life.  Create your own promos!  :)

Wonder twin powers activate!
WOW! That was fast! Congrats and awesome work :)
Awesome! I've been using a couple of your other kits heavily this week. Can't wait to use this stuff. Thanks!
You sir are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you for that!
Apple doesn't have one yet...... but I guarantee they will sue. 
Awesome! Thanks a lot~~~
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