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Priced starting at $329... Would you consider buying an iPad mini? I was on board up to the $250 price point, but with so many great affordable alternatives, I just can't see the sense in this kind of pricing. 
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The fan boys will all buy 3 to make up the difference..
Totally agree, pricing too high. They will drop it. The stock market already don't like the pricing. Maybe Apple will reconsider and drop the price.
Looks like a galaxy note 2.  Get em samsung!
I'll get one, to many apps and such now to switch
I'm especially disappointed as the iPad mini comes with a resolution of only 1024x768. The nexus 7 has a higher density with is't smaller 7" display at 1280x800. High density displays were always a big selling point for the iPad line.
never getting it at this price, or any price for that matter if they dont improve the specs. Nexus 7 FTW!
+James Dionne I don't have an iPad, i have an iPhone with iTunes Match and a thousand apps, all my boys have them but their too big for out and about for me.
Pricing seems very high for what is a fairly low-res device.  I'm also not wild about a 4:3 aspect ratio on a device of that size.  1024x768 on a 7.9" screen versus the Nexus 7's 1280x720 on a 7" screen?  Seems like a no brainer to me, especially when the N7 is significantly cheaper!
It will be interesting to see after the holidays how well this thing sells.  I have a feeling that it's price will go down but only time will tell
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