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I hear a lot about "Alkaline Diets" and "Alkaline Foods" even "Alkaline Water". While some believe that you cannot influence body ph including the blood, others swear that the majority of health problems are caused by and acidic diet.

I put this video together to give a basic idea what is going on here, and yes I do recommend eating more alkaline foods while reducing acid forming foods. The very simple way to do this is to decrease or eliminate grains such as wheat, rice and oats and increase vegetable intake while consuming more grass fed whey protein.
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Are you taking a Protein Powder or Meal Replacement Shake? Either way I explain what to look for in order to reach your health or weight loss goals. 
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The debate continues whether or not coffee is good or bad for you. Personally I love coffee but at the same time do not like being addicted to it. 

Great article on tips for weaning yourself off coffee or just lowering your consumption so that you can enjoy it more and get that caffeine kick when you really need it.

Feel the best you have in years . . .
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Paul Zane Pilzer economist to two white house administrations uses a beautiful illustration to help us understand why unemployment is a good sign in an economy and what we should do to embrace it. 

Once you understand the concept, you can put it to work for you . . .
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Great info for those in the Network Marketing Profession . . . don't work multiple companies at the same time, this never works. I would also add pick a company with at least 10 years in business as this appears to be a milestone for longevity after all what is residual income when the company is gone??

**John Fogg**

ME: So how come you're doing three or four different businesses?

PROSPECT: I'm not putting all of my eggs in one basket.
ME: What makes that such a good thing to do?

PROSPECT: Well, one of them's bound to work. And, you know how companies come and go...

ME: Interesting way to look at it.

PROSPECT: You don't agree?

ME: No. I don't. Multiple streams of income— sure. Do your MLM, have some real estate investments, collect appreciating things like art, partner with some friends on a bicycle shop 'cause your all mountain bike freaks... Like that. 

But you know, I've interviewed dozens & dozens of The Greatest Networkers in the World— met dozens & dozens more— All became (multi) millionaires in Network Marketing and every one of them— EVERY ONE— put all their eggs in one MLM basket.

PROSPECT: (silence)

I can only assume he's still thinking that one over.
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My father: MLM Expert Michael S. Clouse
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What is your opinion??

Everyone has a differing idea on money and how much they need . . . This is an interesting quote and a different way of thinking about it from Jim Rohn. While the million dollars may be an arbitrary number it is really just one measurement of personal growth. 

After you become a millionaire, you can give all of your money away because what’s important is not the million dollars; what’s important is the person you have become in the process of becoming a millionaire. — Jim Rohn

This is much the same way Dale Carnegie thought as it wasn't about what he could have with the money but the person he would have to become. 

Dale Carnegie wrote a list of life ambitions when he was 18 years old. At the top of his list was his deep desire to earn millions of dollars the first half of his life, and the second half of his life he would give it all away. He certainly accomplished the first, but he'd made so much he couldn't give it all away.
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I agree. The more money we earn the greater difference we can make in helping others. Of course, for those who don't have a lot to give away financially, they can still make a difference. All we have to do is care and share.
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Why is losing weight and improving ones health so difficult today?


Many would tell you it is a matter of calories in and calories out. Decrease food intake and increase exercise. While in theory this is right, it is actually much more complicated than that. 

Great 1 minute video by Dr. Mark Hyman as to what stress does to your body including increase fat and decrease muscle. 

New research is also pointing to a decrease in the neuro transmitter dopamine and a lack of sleep as big culprits in weight gain.


No one product can solve the multifaceted problem of weight loss. What is needed is a n easy to use system that covers all areas for weight loss including:

Decrease Calories
Increase Protein
Nutritional Cleansing/Intermittent fasting
Stress/Cortisol Control with Adaptogenic Herbs
Increase fat burning via thermogenisis 
Improve Sleep
Increase brain function including dopamine output

There is an easy to use system that takes the guess work out of addressing these issues and provides remarkable and reliable results. Being somewhat of a nutrition geek for some time, I'm more than happy to help anyone with their health goals. Contact me for further assistance. 
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Any time calories are reduced metabolism will slow a bit. However if this is down correctly it can actually boost growth hormone out put and improve detoxification to the point of accelerating fat loss and increasing muscle synthesis in the long term. 
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There is a lot to know about proteins so I thought I would do a video and give some basic information on what you should know because there is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there today. 

Always here to help so if you would like to ask a question or need assistance please comment below or reach out to me directly. 

Taylor Clouse Nutrition Expert 
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Great graphic from showing how much their users spend in different areas . . . 

By far the greatest expense is a student loan. With many today not even using their degree for their current jobs let alone the rising costs of education owning your own home based business just seems to make sense. 

To learn more about owning a home based business follow this link
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Think all whey proteins are created equal? Even before debating extraction methods or concentrates vs isolates or hydrosolates. Find out where the raw product is coming from and how it is produced . . .

Always amazes me how many people don't know that cows are ruminants and must eat grass. When fed a diet of corn, soy or other so called "food" they get so sick they have to be pumped full of anti-biotics to lengthen their life because they become very sick and would die. 

However a cow who is fed a diet of grass does not require anti-biotics because they are eating what they are designed to digest. 

Bad things like anti-biotics, growth hormones, and contaminants are not listed on the labels of protein shakes. 

Good things like sub-fractions and immunoglobulins and growth factors are not always listed on the label either.
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Here is a re-post from my Father and expert trainer who has known Lynn Hagedorn for a number of years and has had the pleasure of working with her for the past year and a half watching her enormous success leaving her previous company and joining Isagenix . . . 

If you would like to see what this is all about and be a part of this amazing team, message me for details.

Please help me in congratulating Lynn Nelson Hagedorn for achieving "10 Star Platinum Circle" with Isagenix!!! Achieving 350+ cycles per week; earning her $18,900+ per week! WOW!!! AND a HUGE Shout of Praise to her incredible Dream Team: Kim Kelley Graham, Kassia Anderson-Lueck, Maureen Brennan Belei, Mary O'Donnell, Heidi Burkemper, Barb Madden Patterson, and the ever fabulous Lisa DeMayo!
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Health is on of our most valuable assets. Sadly today while people are trying to lose weight, gain their energy back and live longer lives there is so much misinformation easily available that many are more confused than ever. 

My mission is to help individuals regain their healthy bodies, regain their energy and turn back the hands of time by giving them information and strategies that not only are backed by real data, but work. 

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