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Is the #IRS going to put me in Jail? Check out our guest blog with +Law Firm of Jason R. Smith to see our answer!
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Click the link below to check out our guest blog with +The Bornmann Law Group, PLLC  - Tax Debt? 2 IRS Rules You Need To Know!

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Click the link below to read our guest blog from +Anderson Tax Law  talking about 2 IRS rules you should know about tax debt!

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Mesa Tax Attorney Michael Anderson Explains Audit Reconsideration
A lot of people, a lot of our clients here at Mesa and Gilbert, Arizona, they lose audits and they call me after the audit is long over and their appeal time period is gone, and ask me what they can do about the debt, because they disagree that the debt is correct. The IRS rules allow for what's called #auditreconsideration and its one of the options they have to deal with it. #irs #irsattorney

Generally an audit reconsideration is just what it sounds like, you submit some documents to the IRS and you show them that, the numbers the IRS used to create the audit result are incorrect and why. But a more common issue arises in relation to this audit reconsideration process when someone doesn't file their returns and sometimes several returns and the IRS files what is called a 'substitute return' for them. A return that doesn't include any reductions, mortgage interests, nothing and creates this false number. When that substitute return is accessed, it's similar to an audit assessment, and now the IRS can use the new number they've created to collect from the client and try to levy bank accounts, etcetera.

So what we do is we create the correct tax returns, the ones that should have been filed in the first place, and we challenge the IRS-created substitute returns and that technically is called an audit reconsideration. And we use that many times with some really great results. Most of the time the IRS will accept the return that's been created, and remove the incorrect assessment they had created and go on from there.

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