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Tavis Allison
I'm a gamer, dad, and grant writer.
I'm a gamer, dad, and grant writer.

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Please click the link and follow Responsive Health to support adding clinical evidence-based standards to the prescription of digital medicine, and our application to the Grand Central Tech startup accelator which will help that happen!

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The Hunter D&D club needs to put together a booth for the Spring Carnival in order to stay accredited. Does anyone have a giant inflatable die they want to lend to the cause? If you'll be on NYC's UES on June 5th, stop by and buy a ticket good for a roll of said die, a chance to whack a club member with a boffer sword, or the standard ring-tossing and cupcake making they'll have at all the other carnival booths.

Dwimmermount is complete! The initial version compatible with Labyrinth Lord goes on sale at DriveThruRPG on 8/15, and the expanded Adventurer Conqueror King version is in layout now. It's been a long and difficult two years and four months since the close of the Kickstarter that made this project possible, but hearing backers report that it exceeds their expectations makes it all worthwhile. Thanks to all the adventurers who joined this expedition, and to +Richard Iorio II, +Chris Hagerty  and especially +Alexander Macris who led us back to the sunshine. 

Can anyone out there help with converting +Rob Conley's maps of Muntburg and the wilderness from CorelDraw files to the AI or PSD formats +Richard Iorio II is using in layout?

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Here's this morning's development call. The KS update will share links for the proofs of the map booklet and the compiled & updated book layout that Richard is showing off here. Taking things out of boxes and catching up with my day job after the Expo have been running me ragged but I will set aside time for that update this weekend.

Headed home from Expo with notes from the exploration of the House of Portals last session. Will work on factions on plane, but KS update will likely wait for reliable internet connection tomorrow.

Yesterday's Dwimmermount game had a classic moment in which a dwarf struck a deal to trade secrets with the Spawn of Arach-Nacha in which he offered to let some of the Spawn's tiniest children live in his beard. Going over my Path of Mavors printout now making notes on how the text can better support the things I did in play.

Just landed at Raleigh/Durham for the Escapist Expo. Spent the flight working on factions and prepping rival parties to run for tomorrow's Dwimmermount game.

Moved in (still in NYC, just a few blocks away) and chose working on new spells index as something I could do while braindead afterwards.
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