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Online speciality food. Sweet, Snacks, Spices, Wholefoods, Drinks and more.
Online speciality food. Sweet, Snacks, Spices, Wholefoods, Drinks and more.

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Six Ways to Enjoy Marshmallow Fluff, easy ideas for this yummy treat!

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Yippeeeeee Gourmet Chocolate Pizza is back in stock, this sold like absolute hot cakes recently so hurry, perfect stocking fillers! Available in three delicious flavours -

Crunchy Munchy
Jelly Bean Jumble (my personal fave, although they are all yummy).
Heavenly Honeycombe

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Looking for something warming on this cold and wet day? Check out our latest blog post with a really easy recipe for Christmas Drink Syrup. A delicious warming and comforting syrup to add to hot and cold drinks, perfect for adding to coffee, latte or tea! Yummy. Let us know if you make it. You can always tweet your photos using #tasteboxtingler

EXCITED!!!!!! Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Challenge game is back in stock! These are always super popular and is a really fun game to play with friends! All the way from the USA this is a great stocking filler or Christmas Day game to enjoy your family!

Check out these two ladies playing the game, brave comes to mind!

Bean Boozled Challenge with Kaelyn & Bailey

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If you are planning a Baby Shower check out this blog post!

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An unusual species; The Harry Potter Chocolate Frog, perfect favour for Harry Potter themed weddings (very Don't Tell the Bride eh!)..... these frogs really are yum!


What do you call a bear with no teeth?

A Gummy Bear of course!


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We made this delicious popcorn recipe but used salted butter to give that lovely salted sweet taste! The marshmallow fluff adds a new dimension. Here is our attempt.... it was yummy!

Our latest competition winner Bethany Matthews won a Giant Gummy Bear, check out the photos of her with her new Gummy friend over on our Facebook page!

What's the biggest sweet you have ever eaten?
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