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Since long form posts don't seem to go over so well on G+, I blogged about the Hugo Awards here:

with hat tips toward +Ursula Vernon and +Patrick Rothfuss 

Vote early and often.
Okay, no OpenNMS or open source content today, but since most free software geeks also like fantasy and science fiction literature I figure this might be of interest to the three people who read this ...
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wait, they don't? i see long-form posts all the time. i thought that was one of the things that makes G+ awesome.
I did a long post this weekend on Book of Drugs that got no comments but a picture of my cat in an umbrella stand gets two. Just sayin'
i read both. granted, commented on neither one, but i did read both. : )
I updated this post to include my review of Leviathan Wakes. Amazing, and I look forward to Caliban's War arriving tomorrow.
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