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FOSS apps rocks
FOSS apps rocks

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"It'll be interesting to see where the open source community will stand given that Java is controlled by assholes (Oracle), .NET still has Microsoft patents hanging around as a constant threat where as Swift is open source both in specifications and compilers via the LLVM project. It'll be also interesting to see what Google does given their own run in with Oracle and whether they'll be looking for an exit strategy in the long term." - kawaiigardiner on r/apple. 

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Galaxy S6 giveaway by Android Authority. 

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Two of the world's leading democracies (USA & UK),  threatened the world's largest democracy (India) in 1971 with war, to support a country which was committing genocide (Pakistan). And, we were helped by a communist nation (Soviet Union). This is why Indians don't trust the US government & trust the Russians.  A must read!!

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Hell has officially frozen! Microsoft Visual Code for Linux has been launched.

So #Windows 10 is going to run universal apps on desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, XBox One & Microsoft Holo Lens. So is it going to be "One virus to rule them all?"

What happens when you put an Indian in charge of Microsoft? Jugaad!! Satya Nadella knew that developers are making way less apps for Windows Phone. His solution, all the apps from iOS and Android are now supported on Windows 10.

Tried my hands on Xiaomi MI 3. And boy, was I impressed! That thing is so sleek. Though it is running Android 4.4.3 (with MIUI 6), the interface blew my mind. My next phone will surely be either Mi 4i or the soon to be launched MI 5. 

Mr Ratan Tata is now an investor at Xiaomi. Great, great news. 

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Highly recommended site!!
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