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New to hardware programming, but here is a very simple robot I have been working on that uses only a few lines of code in C and an ultrasonic sensor to detect and avoid objects.

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Most proponents of paleo these days think of Paleo as a 'template' not as a 'diet' per se so it would have been interesting to hear Matt comment on the majority who use these 'fad' diets as a starting point to figure out what works individually. 

And what does he say to those who say that Paleo is not a fad because we've been eating that way for millions of years?

The 'agnostic' approach reminds me very strongly of Weston A. Price's conclusion that healthy cultures have vastly different diets - a conclusion drawn in the 1930's so I didn't get the feeling that Matt's conclusion is something 'new'. And by looking at people who lost weight and/or are healthy you are inherently subjecting the analysis to selection bias.

He made a really good point that we all pick our experts, but I wasn't convinced that I should be so agnostic as to start snacking on skittles and I'm not sure Matt F. has a more rational approach than the rest of us.

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I just tried to get into ketosis for about two weeks now but I just can't seem to do it. I got a blood glucose/ketone meter from Nova Max but the most I was able to measure was 0.5 some time late in the afternoon.

My training runs have been horrible and when I really scaled down carbs to 40 grams and cut protein to about 80 grams for the last two days I should have seen morning fasted ketone values in the money, but it came out to basically zero! so frustrating!! How am I supposed to get Keto-adapted if I can't even get in Ketosis?!

Meanwhile, I found that my blood-glucose levels were creeping up from around 90 to 101, reflecting insulin resistance. I think the experiment was messing with my Thyroid according to this article: Basically it is possible for your body to go into bear-like hybernation mode which I guess could simultaneously reduce needs for ketones.

So, I might try again in a few weeks, this time cutting carbs down more gradually, while also making sure I keep my calories up (I think they were slipping a bit in the beginning since I didn't know what to eat in the beginning).

So, my attempt resulted in a dismal failure but at least my digestive issues were better while I tried, making it worth a retry.

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Foot cushions? I also started to hurt my metatarsals from running close to barefoot in Vibrams. But now that you have cushions what do you do if you want to run completely barefoot?

Barefoot Ted gives great advice that I tend to recite like a mantra: 

"If you do it wrong, then yes, it will hurt. If you do it right, however, it will probably still hurt a bit, but it will ease off as you get better at it." 

While getting into barefoot running, I was afraid to let my heel even touch the ground at all, which I think I've figured out is a bad idea both for your metatarsals and for your Achilles heel.

Metatarsals come down first, calf activates, heel hits the ground and the foot's arch shows off its beautiful design, and then finally quads activate all to cushion that blow that is otherwise left sorely on those metatarsals. Then there's the release, which the Pose runner guy, Dr. Romanov covers in detail, in which one must emphasize not pushing off with the metatarsals, but lifting the foot off the ground.. no push, just lift.

If you do run too far and your metatarsals start to hurt, it's because the metatarsals are getting pushed outwards towards the ground, so curl your toes every now and then to help put them back in position - that'll help with the healing process. Meanwhile, it's worth asking if there's anything you can do differently to help the pain go away before introducing modern cushions that might affect the whole symbiotic relationship between the forefoot and every muscle in the rest of your body.
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