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Amazing project
I know what to build during Control mobile robots course )

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new mini printer:
- 160 cube print zone
- less than a4 sheet footprint.
- stainless steel frame
- mgn9 rails
- integrated lcd panel
Prism uni
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Цифровое производство порой творит чудеса)

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о пожалуй следующими будут печататся уши )
Ok it's with pleasure I share this project , now I have one stereo microphone like one pro :-)
Listen the result with headset, the sound is incredible !!! 

And, the bonus is, the wind immunity is very good. :-)

Pictures :

For adapt to Gopro, you need one mini usb 10 pin connector (easy to find it on the web, carefull take a short one, you can find 2 models long and short ) and one resitor who will commut for external microphone ( you don't need 1/8 watts, like on this picture, one cms is enough )

And, because you will ask me for the steadycam ? You can find it here : :-)
This one is expensive, but the result is : Incroyable, how we say in french ;-) 

Your credit card will be burn, (with the steadycam) but you will be able to make some realy pro vidéos.


Thanks again to this OpenProject

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Выставка инноваций в институте полимеров

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Some 3d print art)

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