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I have this same mentality. Which is exactly why I don't listen to electronica in the car anymore.
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Which begs the question..what do you listen to? NPR? Jazz?
I listen to NPR and podcasts or else I'm back in Forza mode. It just happens, and I usually do something stupid before I fully notice it.
+Eric Albin I only listen to jazz and classical at home; I can't listen to it in the car. I need either talk radio or something with more energy like rock or hip hop. It somehow counteracts the road rage. lol
My car morphs into a giant fiery clown with gun hands and rocket dicks
:) I try to keep anything electronic/clubby or with a strong base off while on the bike. Too many times a great song comes on and I look down just to see my speeds in the triples.
First rule of Italian driving: what is behind you is not important.
I had this problem right after I got Mario Kart Wii and played it for hours with my wife - I'd be driving on the freeway and see a curve coming up, and I'd think to myself "I should start drifting now so I get the boost as I come out of it."
It's worse when you play a racing "game" as opposed to a racing sim. If you're used to passing cars on the outside by grinding on the guardrail, guess what your first thought is when you come upon a slow car while really driving.
I don't game but I have been watching F1 for years and that has a similar effect on me.
Imperfect mentality:
They are not necessarily losing if they are approaching fast...
There are fewer than 30 men in the world qualified to drive Formula One.
A mere half dozen perhaps to win
At this point I am afraid you are not one of them
whats wrong with electronica if youre in front?
Electronica is what keeps you in front!! ;)
Guess this is Need for Speed. But what version is it?
hi..... hello.............. h r u????????????????????
hhhhmmmmm babababa i also listen
charlie sheens wing mirror
I feel bad Im a gamer but I dont get it =p
ffffffff funny but true and to know that my dad would do something like that is.... Just well.... He's my dad and he would if told him bout dis.
replace gamers with car enthusiasts,
and loosing with loser
cause you know that was a lame Mustang era

I didnt mean to say weird thats just really sad and I feel really sorry for those people that suffer!!
That's Florida mentality 
yeah, electro and dubstep give me the tendency to charge around like i'm in a race.
Oops sorry my friend from Florida shared it meant to post on his, but really if u drive in boca or Miami it's like being in a Mario cart racing game! 
+wiss key - everyone has opinions and everyone has asshole, doesn't mean they want to smell or hear each others :xo 
And we have a winner! (sitting back eating popcorn as the battle rages)
I have this sticker on my Mustang Cobra's side mirror except mine has the Ford logo on it.
basically the best thing ive read all damn day! thank you :)
objects in the mirror are closer than they appear
i once knew a girl with this attitude, i mean she would tell me "look i am a bad driver" then i ask why? and she says "everyone is over taking me" xDD
lol nothing like a little bit of rough driving in the morning
Having text in the mirror is very US-American. So I have to think all the time of the Gary Larson cartoon, "Objects are close than they apear". Anyone?
Electronica makes you drive fast? so i guess you people have never listened to Judas Priest "pain killer",
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