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now this is hilarious haha - good thing i don't eat bacon and seeing how my bday is tomorrow :)
If you look beyond the grassy area it looks like there is a back road leading to the bacon from the fountain of youth.... GO BACON!!
forget it... I'll go for youth fountain then there'll be plenty of bacon after that
Bacon always puts a spring in my step. I contest that these are one and the same.
I would first go to the fountain of youth THEN I would turn around and go to the Fountain of BACON!!!!!! and never leave :)
Reroute one of those streams so that they flow together!
id be walking down the path to the fountain of bacon
yes very true but id rather just have the bacon
OMIGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fountain of bacon no doubt!!!!!!
How is this a tough decision? Bacon > everything else.
po esta en ingles????¿¿¿¿¿¿¿
youth so I can enjoy more bacon!
They both loop around to the same fountain.
youth vs bacon hard to chose but he looks like he's only bacon lol
..... one one hand, i could be young again.... on the other... bacon is awsome... i can't decide
go with bacon! at least u can be fat and happy before you die!
I would choose the bacon. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by bacon when they die?=D
Eh, I'd just pick Fountain of Bacon. But i wouldn't eat too much.
I would go straight. Or turn around.
Fine, I would first go to the fountain of youth, and then spend eternity eating bacon.
Fountain of Youth: if you go you'll never reach Heaven
Fountain of Bacon: IS HEAVEN!!!!!!
If he went to the fountain of youth, he'd still be searching forever for the fountain of bacon.
It's simple! Go to the fountain of youth first. Then turn around as a kid and appreciate the bacon without your dentures!
if he takes bacon, he might not make it to the fountain of youth!
I'd go to the fountain of youth, retrace my steps and then go to the fountain of bacon
This would be a hard choice for some. :D
if he takes the fountain of bacon he wouldn't make it up their but if he takes the fountain of youth,he might even run to go to the fountain of bacon
I would take the fountain of bacon
good point
he might die thinkibg of all tht delicous stuff
you might not be able to eat the bacon/s because you're already tired so.....just take the fountain of youth
umm Youth turn around go back down the road BACON!
Why not just go with the fountain of youth so you have more time to eat at the fountain of bacon? LOL
Exactly, why not just go to the Fountain of Youth, then go to the Fountain of Bacon
i would definately go with bacon
hey no cheating. left or right. you can't go to the fountain of bacon and then fountain of youth
lolz fountain of youth any day....
go right you'll live longer trust me bacon can do anything
Answer's straightforward for me; I don't even like bacon.
The youth of this world constantly piss me off. Banon NEVER pisses me off. No brainer.
I would turn around cuz of pressureD: then I wud run to the fountain of.... wait for it... bacon:D and die in piles of it
If I were that man there, I would look for a third path to take. I dislike bacon because it's quite unhealthy, so I wouldn't go to the right; If I were to go the left, then I would be living while everyone close to me dies off. Neither would be very pleasant for me.
Go to fountain of youth, run back and go to the Fountain of bacon.

Bacon Sucks!!!!
decisions decisions
WHich way shall I GO!
Fountain of Youth Of course!
You've got time for youth later.. bacon all the way!!
Can you just turn around after enjoying one to enjoy the other?
fountain of youth is actually fountain of vegan food. go vegan!
I don't know what to choose.I want stay young but,bacon is delicious
I'd go to the fountain of youth, backtrack my steps and then go to the fountain of bacon. Then I'd have to find the fountain of weight loss...
Fountain of Bacon all dai!!!
youth then bacon, makes sense to me, eat bacon for ever i couls do that :)
At that age you'd think well i might as well eat bacon to far back for yhouth
Bacon Bacon Bacon, live once and bacon's real the other is fall of crap.
I'd get a water bottle of the Youth Water, then dig into some motherfookin' bacon
I would go to the youth then the bacon so I dont have to choose when I can go to both of them
decisions, decisions... aww wtf! I'm going with bacon! to hell with my health!
1) go for youth
2) go back for bacon for a few years
3) repeat!!!
that is what i said youth bacon repeat hehe
Well, could be a high deferred gratification person. In that case, go left, gain everlasting (if possible) youth, then instead of turning around, follow the sun and enjoy an adventure round the globe, and arrive at the fountain of bacon from the opposite direction. Wow, I'm tired just typing all that. ...I need a fountain of bacon that gives you youth.
Easy decision, go to fountain of youth first, then you have a lot longer to enjoy fountain of bacon.
Forget peace, give bacon a chance.
The fountain of youth circles back to the fountain of bacon.
Choose fountain of youth, then eat more bacon for IMMORTALITY!!!
Ethical dilemma...!!!!
OMIGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fountain of bacon no doubt!!!!!!
Infinite life, or Infinite Bacon... Screw Immortality, I WANT BACON!!!
What if he chose the fountain of bacon and hated it but could never go back? :P
defiantly would go for the bacon because you could probably go an eternity and never see that and plus it would just taste so good
Well Hell, that's a no brainer. Fountain of youth so you can then go enjoy another full life at the fountain of bacon!
I've just sent this to @FAKEGRIMLOCK; HE SHOULD LOVE IT.
Being vegetarian really makes your life better!
Bacon is way better than living forever on earth.
Does anybody actually know what the 'fountain of youth' really is? Everyone knows of bacon though.
Screw that, why would you go through all that life crap again: Go for the Bacon!
empty stomach doesn t think!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It'll be soon our turn for that age........hahahahahahahahahaha
hi...tarah tumari eyes bahat sundar hai yar.....
Dale C
When you come to a fork in the path, just bend down, pick it up and take it home with you.
Go straight and hope for something better.
Nothing stopping you from going to the fountain of youth, and then once youthful, going and eating the bacon.
But there's nothing better than bacon.
If that was me, it owuld be the eternal conflict.
Screw living forever, fountain of bacon here I come!
If you choose to live longer you'll get more BACON!!!
I'm screwed.... But at least I'll have company, right Bob?..... Bob? 😥
He's probably tired of seeing the world sink. Choose bacon.
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