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I have an alter ego. But sadly, she cannot fly.
I have an alter ego. But sadly, she cannot fly.


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I'm so excited that Bird Reddles was one of my paintings that sold at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival over July 4th weekend. He is taking the place of the television in this wonderful couple's bedroom. Tranquility FTW!

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Definitely on the bucket list of places to visit.

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Really interesting, +Yonatan Zunger​.
Kids, don't try this at home: it's almost certainly not a good idea. But for those of you who are interested in physics, note several important points:

(1) The rocket fires under water: that works because it's a true rocket, carrying both fuel and oxidizer on board and not using air at all. The shape of the nozzle is also important, since water has an amazing ability to absorb heat and thus quench combustion; a caul around the nozzle keeps the water from getting at the ignition point from the sides.

(2) The primary explosion creates a roughly circular set of cracks. Those lead to "big" cracks opening up in the ice, as existing seams and weaknesses get expanded. 

(3) Note that the circular cracks become hexagonal (matching the big cracks) as you move outwards. What's happening is that the inner cracks happen first, and then those start the big cracks, which actually spread faster than the round ones, basically moving at the speed of sound in ice. By the time the last round cracks are forming, they're forming in ice that already has hexagonal cracks in it.

(4) Water is an incompressible fluid, which means that the shock waves are going to hit things under water very, very hard. This is likely to be lethal to anything underwater and nearby, and is how dynamite fishing works. The reasons why that's a terrible idea (and is therefore illegal nearly everywhere) are hopefully obvious.

(5) That said, watching things explode underwater is pretty cool.

h/t +Kee Hinckley 
Animated Photo

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Our planet is so friggin' cool.
Sandstone Fins Under the Milky Way

This is a 2 shot pano of the Milky Way arcing over the sandstone fins that encompass the Sand Dune Arch area. We used some LED panels to light the fins otherwise they would be totally silhouetted against the dark skies of Arches National Park.

Nikon D600 & 14-24mm @ 14mm 
f/2.8 - 2 x 25 secs - ISO 4000 
Stitched & processed via LR & PS CC

© Mike Taylor | Taylor Photography
Workshops - Presentations - Prints

Cheers! Feel free to share this image if you dig it and thanks for your support.

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Such a good tutorial for those newbies editing portraits in Photoshop.
I just used this technique to edit a portrait and I was blown away.

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There's something I find intriguing about this.

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A big part of the story is lost when it becomes a movie... agree?

Please follow: +Creative Ideas 

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