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Tara Zuber
Living in a city I love, doing work I value, and always having fun.
Living in a city I love, doing work I value, and always having fun.

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skill ratings only. if difficulty of task below skill rating you do it no problem. if at you do it and take a complication. if over you can do it and take complications equal to the difference or you can request divine intervention and draw from a bag of black and white stones. if white, you do it and something awesome happens. if black you do it and something goes terribly wrong. either way plot happens.

if you decide to fail and the difficulty is below your skill, you get units of metacurrency equal to the difference. if at or above, you get one metacurrency unit.

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The 2014 Cabot Christmas Chronicle (originally written for an obnoxious family Christmas letter exchange)
(reposted because the PDF is wonky)

Collecting writing prompts for Saturday's train ride (and prior if I feel like responding sooner). Specifically, collecting

(1) Titles of books that don't exist. I'll write a brief review of my thoughts.
(2) Questions about Lyreth, which is a place. Probably a country/kingdom. I have created nothing about Lyreth except its name. Creation will come from questions.
(3) Names of people who don't exist. I will write a short bio on the person. The conceit is that the people are all graduates of the same university and are listed in this year's Who's Who.

You can submit multiple titles, questions, and names. I'll address at least one, probably more.

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"This might not be why Lee decided to publish the book in 2015, but I do believe it's why it's a book of 2015--a book for the era of Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, and so many others. It's a book for an America full of white progressives who elected the nation's first black president and actually patted themselves on the back for achieving a post-racial America while confederate flags still flew over statehouses, not even noticing that they were there until nine people were murdered in a church. We (and I'm including myself among those white progressives here) are all Jean Louise. We naively remember our homes and our friends and our families as being better in the past, but then some progress is made and we see them lash out violently to protect institutional racism. And we act surprised, thinking this isn't the Maycomb or the Atticus or the America that we remember. But the hate was always there; it was just able to remain hidden from us because we weren't its victims, and because at the moment it was going more or less unchallenged."

Everyone has variable levels of time, wealth, safety, and bandwidth to do anything. So this list is geared toward that. Do the most you can, whatever it is. These are just some ideas.

_Send me suggestions for what else I can add or add them here: _

Put Good in the World through Random Acts of Kindness & Creative Works

Sign and Share Online Petitions (half a dozen are going around)

Buy from Businesses that Support Progressive Values

Buy from Black, LGBT, Muslim, Jewish, etc-owned Businesses

Donate Money to Existing Organizations

Don’t Be a Bystander

Wear a Safety Pin

Reblog and Share Entries/Articles from People of Color, LGBTQA folk, Women, etc

Write Letters to Congress, the Electoral College, your State Congress, Governor, Mayor

Join Protests or Share Out Images/Videos with Messages of Support

Join and Donate Time to Established National, State, or Local Groups (the Jezebel article above has some links for volunteers)

Form Support Networks across Organizations and Communities

Join Local Community Organizations & Advocate/Support Action

I don’t think we need new groups and organizations; we need to swell the ranks of the ones already in the trenches and follow their lead. They’ve been fighting; they know what to do.

Build Up
Attend Local Governmental Meetings

Speak Up on All Votes (November isn’t the only time to make your voice heard)

Participate in Local and State Elections

Strengthen Your Community

Build Connections with Other Communities

Music recs?

Singers/groups I like: Vienna Teng, Bleachers, Autoheart, Enter the Haggis, Owen Pallett, Joe Bonamassa, Johnnyswim, Walk the Moon, San Fermin, Screaming Maldini, AroarA

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