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I gave up facebook for 7 days and this is my +Koozai blog post about what happened: '7 days without my fix: Confessions of a Facebook addict'
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That was a fun read. For me, FB is the only place where you get all the aunts and uncles and cousins in one place. is where my friends are. Meanwhile, the SEO effect of using Google+ is apparently a lot more important for Google SERPs. I will only post personal stuff on Facebook and I've kept it down to a group of no more than 220 real-life friends and family. Since you don't run your company's corporate page on Facebook, you don't need the personal account for business, but it actually helps a company to have a lot of employee accounts saying they work there. I'm sure the Bing algorithms consider that a small ranking factor. Any cause or organization you might want to create a business page for, has to be created from a personal account.
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