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It's such bad practice to point fingers at agencies who may or may not have been behind Interflora's SEO. Most SEOs have used tactics at one point or another which have come to be against Google's guidelines later down the line. Stop pointing fingers and start working together to figure out what's going on and what we can learn from this.
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The comments in a few blog posts about this issue have been pointing fingers / asking who the SEO agency behind Interflora is. I think it's unfair to do so.
I've only been looking at this for the past few minutes, but most people seem to be blindly looking at the link portfolio and only finding blog links from some campaign that may be considered paid links. Otherwise, there's not much else in terms of on-site mistakes other than odd redirects. But yeah, it doesn't make sense to immediately point fingers to any group before it's even known what the cause of the penalty actually is.
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