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Tara Tiger Brown
Technologist striving for equal opportunity. Vegan fighting to save the planet.
Technologist striving for equal opportunity. Vegan fighting to save the planet.

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I forgot all about Google+. Is this still on?

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Learn what coding in Minecraft looks like!

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Hello Friends!

I need your attention for a moment. I only have a few days to get the word out about an important cause - giving underserved kids in Los Angeles the opportunity to learn to code using Minecraft! We want to win a grant from LA2050 so we can buy laptops, the Minecraft accounts, develop the curriculum and pay instructors (we hire college students). I need your vote and your friends' vote and your friends of friends vote to make this happen. You don't need to be in LA! Everyone can vote!

Did you know that by 2020 the demand for software developers in the US is going to increase by 32%? At the rate we're going by NOT teaching kids how to code in school, there is no way we can reach that demand.

The +LA Makerspace and Connected Camps want to address the gap and teach 1000 kids in Los Angeles how to code in Minecraft. 

The Minecraft coding workshops enable students to learn and apply programming concepts through the ComputerCraft mod in Minecraft. They write real code in Lua that controls computers and robots to complete tasks and challenges. Through these challenges, they learn basic programming concepts, such as loops and functions. These camps move students beyond coding syntax and get them learning how code robust, unique programs to solve complex problems.

Even if you aren't in LA you can vote because if we win the grant, we will open source all of the curriculum and make it available online.

Take a few minutes and click on the link to vote and share. Thank you!

#LA2050   #Minecraft   #STEM   #Coding   #kids   #LosAngeles   #edtech  

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Interesting read / listen…/future-of-water-how-hot-dry-and-crow…/
* California is projected to grow by 8 million people
* Southern California is expected to grow by 4 million more people.
* Los Angeles County currently has about 10 million people and will add another 1 million over the next quarter century.

Even if California gets heavy El Niño rains this winter, the current drought has delivered a wake-up call to state leaders. The message? Our current water habits are unsustainable.

For example, downtown Los Angeles currently experiences about a week of extremely hot weather a year, Hall said.
"By mid-century that increases to about three weeks of extremely hot weather," he said.

Some areas, like the Pasadena, Sylmar and Riverside will see more than a month of additional extreme heat a year.

The bad news is that warmer winters will cause more of it to fall as rain instead of snow. That means the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains will shrink, possibly by 30 percent.

The snow pack supplies about third of the water for the entire state, state climate scientist Elissa Lynn said. It typically gives California a steady flow of water in drier months as the snow gradually melts.
"As we lose that snowpack we lose a good portion of our water supply for the spring and summer," Lynn said.

To cope, the state will need to rethink how it stores and distributes moisture from winter storms.


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Build an Underwater Mic (Hydrophone)
Sun., July 26th at 10am
UCLA Interactive Media Lab near Chinatown

Buy tickets:

#LosAngeles   #citizenscience   #conservation   #piezo   #contactmic   #hydrophone   #bioacoustics  
KitHub Hydrophone Kit
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I think it is so brave and admirable for people like +Wil Wheaton who are speaking out about their mental health issues. I know it will help people that feel ashamed about feeling depressed or having anxiety. It is so surprising to me that people can have an illness in their body and people are empathetic but it's in your brain and all of a sudden you are a pariah. When I was working for the Born Brave Foundation and huge aspect of their work is to provide resources for teens who need help including help with depression and anxiety. The earlier we can identify and help people the better off this world will be.

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The Boy Scouts - BSA leadership unanimously votes to end ban on gay leaders, effective immediately. "

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I believe it!
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