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Tara Tiger Brown

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Learn what coding in Minecraft looks like!
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Tara Tiger Brown

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Interesting read / listen…/future-of-water-how-hot-dry-and-crow…/
* California is projected to grow by 8 million people
* Southern California is expected to grow by 4 million more people.
* Los Angeles County currently has about 10 million people and will add another 1 million over the next quarter century.

Even if California gets heavy El Niño rains this winter, the current drought has delivered a wake-up call to state leaders. The message? Our current water habits are unsustainable.

For example, downtown Los Angeles currently experiences about a week of extremely hot weather a year, Hall said.
"By mid-century that increases to about three weeks of extremely hot weather," he said.

Some areas, like the Pasadena, Sylmar and Riverside will see more than a month of additional extreme heat a year.

The bad news is that warmer winters will cause more of it to fall as rain instead of snow. That means the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada mountains will shrink, possibly by 30 percent.

The snow pack supplies about third of the water for the entire state, state climate scientist Elissa Lynn said. It typically gives California a steady flow of water in drier months as the snow gradually melts.
"As we lose that snowpack we lose a good portion of our water supply for the spring and summer," Lynn said.

To cope, the state will need to rethink how it stores and distributes moisture from winter storms.

Member-supported public radio for Southern California. Award-winning local news and cultural programming alongside the best of NPR.
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Tara Tiger Brown

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I think it is so brave and admirable for people like +Wil Wheaton who are speaking out about their mental health issues. I know it will help people that feel ashamed about feeling depressed or having anxiety. It is so surprising to me that people can have an illness in their body and people are empathetic but it's in your brain and all of a sudden you are a pariah. When I was working for the Born Brave Foundation and huge aspect of their work is to provide resources for teens who need help including help with depression and anxiety. The earlier we can identify and help people the better off this world will be.
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+Wil Wheaton​ is awesome... I experience the same sort of anxiety, and his advice has helped me personally. I had always been told or made to feel like I should just chill out, it's not a big deal. His blog is one of the few places where I got something actually helpful.
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Tara Tiger Brown

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Tara Tiger Brown

Use Of Technology for Conservation  - 
Hello fellow conservationists! I'm super excited to announce a conservation kit that I developed with +Shah Selbe - a National Geographic Explorer who is currently part of the Okavango Expedition in Botswana (a 90 day, 1000 mile human-powered expedition through one of the planet's most inaccessible and important ecosystems).

We believe that saving our planet starts with education and what better way to do that then becoming an adventurous citizen scientist. We're also supporters of using technology to solve some of our planet's most pressing problems.

This kit is a hydrophone (underwater mic) that can be used to listen to and record sounds in your local lake, river or ocean. It can also be use to record sounds on land - listen to burrowing animals, trees, etc.

Experience with electronics is not required and it doesn't need any soldering. We tried to make it easy enough for kids to put together,  people that are new to DIY and affordable enough for folks that can't pay the $$$ that many hydrophones cost.

We'd love for you to sign up to learn more about the kit and please pass on to organizations and people that would enjoy hearing the sounds beneath the surface.

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Tara Tiger Brown

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This is one of my favorite communities on G+. 
It's about Making A Difference.
View community
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Tara Tiger Brown

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In early May of this year, I had the chance to join a conversation at the White House to discuss next steps as part of a Maker Cities Roundtable. I joined twenty communities from around the country in an exciting half-day conversation, where we talked about each other’s successes and challenges, and came away with lots of ideas we should bring back to our communities. We’ve kept the momentum since, and I’m excited by everything going in our community and around the country. #weekofmaking   #nationofmakers   #makerspaces   #STEM   #STEAM  
Back in 2012 when the seeds were planted for LA Makerspace, it was still a fairly novel idea. We were the first family f…
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Congratulations my friend... 
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Tara Tiger Brown

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Hello Friends!

I need your attention for a moment. I only have a few days to get the word out about an important cause - giving underserved kids in Los Angeles the opportunity to learn to code using Minecraft! We want to win a grant from LA2050 so we can buy laptops, the Minecraft accounts, develop the curriculum and pay instructors (we hire college students). I need your vote and your friends' vote and your friends of friends vote to make this happen. You don't need to be in LA! Everyone can vote!

Did you know that by 2020 the demand for software developers in the US is going to increase by 32%? At the rate we're going by NOT teaching kids how to code in school, there is no way we can reach that demand.

The +LA Makerspace and Connected Camps want to address the gap and teach 1000 kids in Los Angeles how to code in Minecraft. 

The Minecraft coding workshops enable students to learn and apply programming concepts through the ComputerCraft mod in Minecraft. They write real code in Lua that controls computers and robots to complete tasks and challenges. Through these challenges, they learn basic programming concepts, such as loops and functions. These camps move students beyond coding syntax and get them learning how code robust, unique programs to solve complex problems.

Even if you aren't in LA you can vote because if we win the grant, we will open source all of the curriculum and make it available online.

Take a few minutes and click on the link to vote and share. Thank you!

#LA2050   #Minecraft   #STEM   #Coding   #kids   #LosAngeles   #edtech  
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Tara Tiger Brown

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Build an Underwater Mic (Hydrophone)
Sun., July 26th at 10am
UCLA Interactive Media Lab near Chinatown

Buy tickets:

#LosAngeles   #citizenscience   #conservation   #piezo   #contactmic   #hydrophone   #bioacoustics  
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Tara Tiger Brown

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The Boy Scouts - BSA leadership unanimously votes to end ban on gay leaders, effective immediately. "
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Unfortunately the hosting entity gets to decide if they prefer to discriminate. Seeing as many scout troops are located on property provided by religious institutions this is a smaller victory than it seems. Cynical me says this is just the BSA trying to restore funding before bankruptcy
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Tara Tiger Brown

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It is entirely possibly that if you read any of my posts you probably know that I care a lot about conservation and advocate for animals.

About a year ago I was introduced by Bronwyn Lewis​ to Shah Selbe​ because I wanted to meet people who were pairing conservation and technology. Shah and I became fast friends and are in constant contact riffing on ideas and thinking about how to encourage more people to turn their attention towards solving some of the world's most pressing problems - like protecting the animals that live in our oceans, rivers and lakes.

I approached Shah about designing a kit that would be both fun and bring awareness to this important issue. Shah proposed a device called a hydrophone or underwater mic that allows us to listen to what's going on beneath the surface. For the past few months I've been prototyping different designs that kids or the non techie types would feel comfortable putting together. I have settled on a design that I like and even had Rips help me put it together. 

With that, I'm excited to share with you the Big Audio Adventure Kit. Kids and adults can use the hydrophone to listen to things around the house (on land or in the water), listen for pool leaks, add some cool sounds to your guitar playing, and so much more.  Of course we would love for you to plunk it into your local lake, river, and ocean, record the sounds and share on Sound Cloud.

Checkout the page to learn more and sign up if you'd like to know when the kits go on sale.

Please share with all your conservation, citizen science and adventurous friends!

#conservation   #intotheokavango15   #hydrophone   #oceanconservation   #DIY   #STEM  
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There's not much alive here -- but there are occasional coyotes and foxes, and that'd be a pretty neat thing to track.  I'll keep an eye on this.
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Tara Tiger Brown

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I'm excited to be a guest on Kickstarter's Creator Hangout next week!
We're excited to host social entrepreneur and all-around community enthusiast Tara Tiger Brown for our next Creator Hangout. Brown is the co-founder of KitHub (a resource of creative electronics kits for kids) and co-founder and Board Chairperson of LA Makerspace (a community space for DIY enthusiasts). Brown has served as an entrepreneur, executive director, technical director, and lead product manager for many companies; she’s also a strong supporter for community and an advocate for making sure kids gain the opportunities to gain technology-related skills. 

Brown’s areas of expertise include:
• Starting a community-focused space for learning new skills like coding, 3D printing and electronics
• Collaborating with local libraries
• Interest-driven youth education

Find her on Twitter here:
And on Kickstarter here:
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Kickstarter. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Creator Hangouts: Tara Tiger Brown
Wed, July 1, 2015, 1:00 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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Looking forward to it.
Give +Kickstarter​ a pinch from me for not "mentioning" you in the original share +Tara Tiger Brown​.
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