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Tara Evans
Freelance money and consumer journalist
Freelance money and consumer journalist

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Hi! I can't get Auto Awesome snow effect to work on my iPhone - can anyone help!? Thanks!

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If you haven't got a tree already this is a sweet deal... 
Deal of the Day: one store is offering an amazing offer. Buy a REAL tree for £25 and you’ll get a £20 coupon to spend in store! No it’s REALLY not too good to be true! WHICH country-wide store is offering the deal?! Find out, HERE >>>

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I knew there had to be a catch...
TONIGHT ON TV: +Channel 4 Dispatches is looking at discount stores at 8pm. There are some things about TK Maxx that might shock you...

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Story courtesy of LoveMoney and +Rebecca Rutt 
YUM...find out which supermarket you can buy ALL the ingredients for a slap up Christmas dinner for under £3 a head for a family of eight.

By +Tara Evans

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Such a big fan of essemntial oils x
Fed up of the dark mornings? Us too! Did you know rosemary oil is a is great for reinvigorating the senses and perk you up. Try keeping some of it in a little bottle by your bed which you can have a long, deep inhale of in the mornings.

MORE WAYS to cope with dark mornings HERE >>>

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What do you have on Christmas morning for breakfast? I'm a scrambled egg or dippy egg and soldiers kinda gal. Loving these recipe ideas -

via +Jessica Dady 

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Go on Julia - her five tips to haggling. She told me she will try and get a discount on EVERYTHING.
Julia Bradbury has got some haggling tips for YOU. Haggle everywehere! She's managed to get £60 taken off a new TV and claims you shout haggle in all shops, including high-street ones! READ MORE ABOUT HAGGLING HERE >>>

Julia's top 5 haggling tips ARE:
- Be brave
- Don't be afraid to ask for a discount
- Be polite! A smile goes a long way
- Look them in the eye
- And have a good sense of humour about it

Have you ever dared to haggle? We'd love to hear your stories!

Someone shared a post privately with me on here about artifical Christmas trees - I've lost it! If it was you can you let me know.

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FIVE reasons you should be wary of price comparison websites

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