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Startup | MobileApp | Appointment Scheduling
Startup | MobileApp | Appointment Scheduling

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Get more #exposure for your small business! 7 #experts sharing 7 #businesstips
#tappointment featured among the experts. Read it here:
Thanks for the article for Ninja Outreach!

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It was an amazing show! Thanks for our partners #BodySpaSalons and #HairADK! #IBS   #InternationalBeautyShow   #LasVegas  

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“Get your game on with Tappointment” - featured in +CosmoBiz byBBIM magazine May issue.  
Read it online here:

"Busy customers find it difficult to reach providers and to quickly fit an #appointment into their schedule. Repeated calls and paper calendar management is time consuming. Independent providers find it hard to manage scheduling during the work day. In addition, they rarely have the capability to analyze data about their work load and customer behavior.” After their initial research the team also realized that there were two main types of professionals that needed assistance, “One who is really busy with a full calendar and others who are starting their business and need new clients. We can help them both!” 

#salonmanagement #bookingApp #salonsoftware #appointmentbooking #cosmobizsalon  

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Save money and time. Accept appointments online 24/7.
Manage your appointments with our simplified appointment scheduling Application.

Start your free trial here:

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We are giving away a free account of our simplified booking App!
Just register for the free trial until 15th of February and get a chance to WIN:

#tappointment #onlinebooking #sweepstakes #win

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Busy day and lot of great experiences today. Starting with a lunch at #Apple HQ, trying the bison burger, meeting lawyers and investors in the Valley, and finishing the day at a great co-working space for a #pitchnight @startupbasecamp in SF hosted by Steve Hoffman. Awesome!
#siliconvalley #rules #startups #pitches

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Do you know the best family dentist, the quickest car service repair or the trendiest hair salon?
Suggest them and get your reward here
REWARD is the list of the Top25 Newest Deals of quality services in your neighbourhood!

Don't forget to download our Apps and make quick and easy appointments:
iPhone App:
Android App:

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Bloggers of Google+ V12: Grow your G+ following with us!

Hi guys, here is the V12 circle! The latest one :) Please share, and add the whole circle. IF you're a blogger and want to grow your G+ following, come and join us. Here's how to join (very simple!):

If you want to be added to the next circle, please do the following steps:

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Please note:

● You must be an active Google+ user who shares useful content.
● Your blog must be family-friendly. No adult, gambling, controversial, politics, religion blogs.

● We publish the circle every 2 weeks on Thursdays. The next public circle will be shared on Thursday November 27, 2014 and will be published by +David Leonhardt :)

We are also looking forward to seeing you sharing and participating in the Bloggers of Google Plus Community at:

Your blogging friends...
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How The Circle Works

* Adding the circle will help you to get connected with other bloggers here on Google+
* Being included in the fortnightly shared circle will help you grow a specific following of people who want to add bloggers to their circles. 
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Hope this explanation helps, please feel free to ask if you have any questions! :) 

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Team Building “IKEA style” when moving to the newest Traction Tribe office.
#teambuilding #newoffice #fun

"Entrepreneurship is not a guide to follow, it is a journey to undertake" Gary Whitehill presentation Design Terminal w Traction Tribe
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