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Go Mobile Now! Create a mobile ordering app in minutes.
Go Mobile Now! Create a mobile ordering app in minutes.

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Do you run out of time to get your morning coffee? Why not make your coffee come to you!

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Here's a quick list of marketing mistakes that are easy to make. It talks about several things including QR codes, non-mobile optimized sites, and not correctly targeting local and mobile audiences.

What mobile marketing mistakes have you had and learned from?

(p.s. +Tap2Order can help with a few of these!)

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Is +Starbucks Coffee becoming a tech company?

The new Chief Digital Officer, Adam Brotman has this to say... “[Digital] has been an essential part of how we build our brand and connect with our customers… there’s been such a seismic shift [in our interactions with customers] that we needed to pull it all together and make it a priority”.

This is a very interesting perspective. Every business has to interact with its customers in some fashion and technology, as Starbucks has shown, is a big part of that experience.

How is your business using technology to enhance your customer experience?

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The workforce is spending more and more time out of the office.

How does your business cater to an increasing mobile population?

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There is big money in Order Management Solutions for restaurants and cafés. You could spend a lot of money to try a solution like this one...

Or you could try Tap2Order for 90 days for FREE! After that, it costs less than a cup a coffee a day.

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Check out our latest blog post! It's a short catch up with one of our favorite customers Mooba Coffee!

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Here's an old, but still relevant article about using the internet to market your cafe. The list is missing something very important though. Do you know what it is?

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An interesting article form the +Washington Post on balancing the bitterness, acidity, and body of coffee.

"As coffee makes its way from tree to mug, producers must keep this balance in mind. It’s not an easy task, because coffee contains more than 1,000 chemical compounds..."

What's the best cup of coffee that you ever had?

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An article over at SF Gate this morning is talking about the cafe and coffee shop industry in Australia.

It's expected that "The industry is expected to experience sustained growth over the five years through 2016-17 as Australians remain hooked on coffee."

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Does your cafe have a bicycle track on the roof? This one does.

It's a rather inventive and unique way to draw customers. What's your best way of attracting customers to your business?
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