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Absolutely amazing! And yes, please do send me a description - I want some of these pictues for my collection of G+ Art ;-)
Great work! It's so easy to get lost in these images. Please send me the pdf.
Totally Amazing! I'm just in awe at the amount of detail, perspective, use of color and use of shadows in these. WOW! More, please :)
Wow - simply amazing!
Ed Ying
Love your work... I'd love to see the work flow you use for these images!
this is amazing, the detail its incredible the best i have encounter,
+Ed Ying Hi Ed. Thank you for the feedback & share. I have sent you the detials. :-)
+Jerry Matthew Hi Jerry. I am working on a new project and it takes a while to create these. I still have a few in reserve that I will be sharing soon. :)
Hi Tanja,
I would love to know how you work your great art.
Hello Tanya, I am interested in some information on the process that you use to end whit a incredible scene like this.
+Ramon Nuez Thank you so much Ramon. I really appreciate the support. I have sent you an email regarding the pdf
Love them! They remind me of the planet Naboo and of The elf castles of Lord of the Rings (:
To all of my creative friends ... check out Tanya. Her fusion (my description) rocks!
+Tanya Rochat I'm pretty sure that even with alll the inspiration in the world i couldn't do what you do..i can do stick figures! :D
I love your fantasy worlds. There are a few I'd like to visit for sure.
Very good. Sorta mixes Technology with The Lost World. I like it.
Beautiful work. I would love to see your workflow!!
Truly amazing it!
Wow, your extremely good! Have you done any work for the entertainment/documentary industry?
astonishing! your work could easily match one of my favourite book ever: Lost Horizon by James Hilton. in some ways, this set would be just perfect
Quite inspiring. Many can create the perfect settings for RPG campaigns.
This is incredible! I'd love to see how you created it.
I really like the way you use light to accent you subject (which are fantstic).
Amazing works! I would really like to know more!
Very masterful work, from concept to execution... just amazing. I would be honored to learn more about your workflow.
those are some really beautiful picture are u an artist you should try and put your art else where
Your doing great work in the concept of photography and execution thats great man keep your moving.
My first time seeing your work, thanks via +Simmi Chauhan. I +1 it a lot! Please send me a copy of the pdf. Keep inspiring us all.
ok I will try to look for it but your work is great and beautiful work.
+Cori Fowler Hi Cori, I have done some work, yes. Busy working on a new children's book project at the moment.
Add me to the list! All of these are awesome. I have been wanting to do something like this for a while with the awesome stuff I see here in the theme parks.
+Diego Lizarazo Thank you Diego. I have heard similar comments before. I don't really play computer games though :)
Great work, all that time you put in is well worth it. These are one of a kind masterpieces! I would love to see your work flow and pick up a few tips.
You've definitely got a gift. Thanks for sharing with us
i L O V E your paintings.. You have amazing talent :)
Hello .. your work is really amazing !! please send me a copy !
I'm amazed, truly amazed. You're gifted!
+John Forest Thank you for the detailed comment John. I have sent you the pdf details :)
I came across your stuff during the Grid critiques and it is amazing. I know I'd never be able to make it, but would love to understand how you even go about it. Great job and love looking through your portfolio.
May I have one copy of the pdf, too??
+april mccoy Thank you for you advice April. Yes, I am an artist and am setting up an online shop soon.
Hi Tanya,

Your work is magnificent! I love the way you combine seemingly contrasting themes and concepts into a beautiful work of art! Thank you for sharing!
Wow! great work exactly my type of paintings. Good to see this on Hot on Google+.

Amazing like this guy said CIRCLED ^_^. Have you ever done concept art for any movies or video games?
These paintings are absolutely stunning! I especially love the ones that include the architectural and the natural landscapes... very beautiful!
Wonderful! Please do send me the PDF!!!!

It's all painting is like fantasy movie secen like avetar,harrypotter........
very nice and beautiful,amaging.
You should talk to Wizards of the Coast and do some Magic the Gathering cards. Quality work!
waooo i so much like this viwe and i love these places
You have quite the talent +Tanya Rochat I can imagine your work as illustrations to an epic book. These images take me to a far off land, I love to see them full screen & imagine stepping into your world.
I'm a bit speechless, just beautiful creations.
Thank you.
nyc collection....................
I could spend hours on G+. I think it's awesome how posts can be viewed by anyone with an interest to read them. Alas, I'm approaching the end of my browsing session and what a perfect post to stop on. Your work is stunning. The amount of detail you put into each scene is phenomenal. 160+ sounds like an underestimation. Detail is something I really get into and I hope one day I can achieve half the quality you have in your work. Until then, if you would kindly share your pdf with me I will be very appreciative and will study it religiously. :P
wow this is amazing, i would love to have a copy of this amazing art.
I´d like to received it too. You´re doing a great job :D
Fantastic work!!!... Can I ask for your workflow plsss... thx ^_^
Wait, these are all composted from photographic content? Whoa!
breathtaking Tanya - this is phenomenal!! LOVE!
isn't dis frm prince of persia warrior within...??
Absolutely gorgeous. I would love to see the pdf
I love this type of art;-} Thanks for posting.
nice!something different and intresting!very realistic
Josh Z
Awesome!! I'd like to receive it too!!
+david heeks I am glad it could bring up some good memories :) I have sent you the pdf email
these are fantastic! I wonder if there are classes nearby for matte painting. I feel like it would really help boost my cover and print illustrations. Oh, and I'd love to see the pdf!
I really like your work Tanya If you are not worn out from emailing people I would like a copy of your pdf.
just beautiful! would you please send me a copy of the pdf as well? thank you!! look forward to more of your amazing work!
I've been working on a new adventure game in the style of Zork, except with 2D graphics instead of text. You obviously more than qualify. If you think that would be fun and/or interesting ping me back!
Where do you get your ideas? Write a story about your images or a profile per image, i would like to understand the reasoning behind it. Good job
These are awesome. Thanks for sharing it.
all I can say is wow, wish I had that kind of talent
Gorgeous. Very inspiring for us fantasy/sci-fi writers!
Your work is beautiful! I love the landscapes.
This is art and not graphic art, right? Amazing work. Wow.
Please! send me a PDF of your workflow. Your art is just tremendous, love it! Thanks for charring.
+Will Gronewold Hi Will. Yes & No. I have done some hi level concept art but not for a real feature film (Yet) :)
Wow, what a response, cant blame them. Keep up the good work. It brings many smiles!
Great pictures, some of them resembles J.R.R. Tolkien worlds.
these are awsome pics lol nice jod
2 GOOD, IN FACT, 2-3-4-5...... GOOD!!!
it`s mind blowing .I`m not full feeling about your post
it`s really nice through my each heart bit......
these are gorgeous! awesome work.
This is great! Lovely details, and deep atmosphere.
すばらしいですね! Very good work, thanks for sharing.
Please send me your pdf, I would like to learn this.
Ed Fox
Awesome work!
awesome work!
I'd love to see the pdf of your workflow :)
Un trabajo impresionante, felicidades por tus creaciones.
That's it don't stop ur good work.
If you mad that by hand......OMG, you can be a real artist
wow wonderful??look like fantasy world like avatar movie
I like all of those pics....Look like gamer backgrounds...
I would LOVE to read and learn more about your work flow for these works. They are gorgeous and I would love to see any movie that was using them!
This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing
Those are really amazing. I don't know about the work flow, but I would love to be able to download (slightly) larger versions of those. They are amazing!
+Tanya Rochat could you explain a little about how you make these wonderful paintings, do you use a program on the computer?
Outstanding ... the level of realism within the pictures is amazing. Very well done.
Wow outstanding skill. This is AMAZING
I may say that is not a talent but a GIFT...everything is so enchanting.
Tanya, thanks for sharing! Very evocative, imaginative work. Would love to see the PDF of your workflow.
love your art work. So much to see in just one .
Pretty, but could you imagine having to lug water to half of these buildings?
All pics are awesome,Bt please tell me how you made them i mean with help of any software etc..pls pls reply i am ur biggest fan.
Amazing work. So much talent!
You are a very creative an inspiring artist! I would love to know more about your tecniques and thank you +Roni Delmonico for pointing me this way!
that is soooooooooooo cool
Hi Tanya these images are fantastic and would love to know how you have done them thank you for sharing :-))
wow what kind of software did you. I want to learn as well
+Jeffrey Sulman Jr Hi Jeffrey. This is not computer generated graphics but rather a whole lot of photos stitched together :)
Fantastic work! Great fan of your art.
That's really good work. It would make awesome wall pictures...
Wow, these are great! I'd love to see your process.
I would like too a copy of your workflow! Thanks! :-)
ur work is really great!!i just can t take my eyes of the paintings.some of them remind me of the movie (LORD OF THE RINGS)
They r gr8, but... how did u get bi planes and zeppelins to stay still so long???.
Awesome paintings!!! I read SF and Fantasy books, this is how i imagine some of the places!!
lovely work! i would like the pdf as please
wow this is absolutely amazing! Please send me these pdfs!
Tanya i would love to use some of your photos as wallpaper for my cell. Is that possible? Your work is just amazing it reminds me of "The Lord of the Rings". Hollywood would love your work!!! Contact them you have a wonderful talent.
Wow this is amazing i would love to have a copy if the workflow
I would like to see your workflow for this brilliant painting.
fantastic work for sure, let us know if you do any abstract art, I love that stuff
Oh wow...historic fantasy...steampunk...and wonderful!
This is really amazing and you have a wonderful imagination!
WOW YOU'RE AMAZING!! You're gifted, keep up the good work.
Beautiful images. Shared and circled.

I'd be really interested in knowing how you go about constructing them. Would love a PDF.

Congratulations on your work. It's excellent.
I cant say much as they said amazing
Those are wonderful and fantastic!
Your work is nothing short of brilliant. My congratulations.
Fantastic! I would love to do that! please send me the pdf! :)
It is a great picture!
Wow...... absolutely fascinating.... I love your work....
These are excellent! I would love to see your process. And btw: Circled!
With all these comments, I almost feel bad asking for your workflow.. but if you are able.. These are fantastic!
Alex W
Love your work! Great!
Beautiful work! I love the fantasy and steampunk themes you seem to be working with. Your style reminds me of both the Hildebrandt brothers and Alan Lee, but you're certainly doing something all your own! And having done photo compositing in Photoshop myself, I can appreciate the time it must take. Here's to your success, and thanks for sharing!
Wow! your work is really awesome, i buy a tablet recently and i really interested in learn about your workflow because it is not easy to find good tutorials about it, i really appreciate if you share your workflow with me.... again! awesome work
amazing work ... I would love to see the pdf workflow thxs.
Wow, every single one of your pieces are jaw-dropping. I love the stunning detail in them and the depth of each piece. They remind me of concept artist, Ryan Church.
but Tanya I didn't see the PDF file in ma in box please e-mail it to am waiting for it.
I love this look. I would also love to receive the PDF.
+John Heylin Hiehie. Nope, I only created the fantasy world so luckily I don't have to lug the water :)
Super well done. Would love the PDF when you have a chance!
+Tanya Rochat, You have such a wonderful gift for art!! I would love it if you would send me your workflow for this type of art! Thank you!!
Tanya, really love what I see... I'm interested in getting the file you mentioned as well.thanks in advance
Wow! Spectacular creations! I would like to learn more about the process.
That is so nice of you thank you! Your work is breathtaking and inspiring.
Love this series!
I've been looking into some tutorials about doing this type of work and I would love to see the PDF you mention above. :)
+Julia Peterson Hey Julia, it's all because of the time it takes to either photograph suitable images or finding existing ones in my own stock library. Then cutting them out of their original backgrounds, pasting them into the image and adjusting their colour and contrast levels. Doing that with hundreds of images amount to many many (though glorious) hours. Hope this answers your question ;)
tanya this picture is a very beautiful.
Su trabajo es Maravilloso , Fascinante . Me encanta . La FELICITO
Every image I see a growing jealousy stirs inside me ;) Great stuff +Tanya Rochat Now I will need the secret so I can realize my bamboo tablet needs replaced with a new Intuos 5.
And if you tell me you do it with a mouse, I may go run into a wall...a brick wall somewhere near a pool...with scissors in my hand. lol
Great work, can you send me the workflow pdf please? :)
Awesome work!! I would like the PDF please.
I would love to have the PDF. Thanks.
Hi. After several requests I have created a NEW ART ANNOUNCEMENT group to personally let you know when I release a new piece of artwork. I hope you will join up. Thanks, Tanya
These pictures are awesome! They fire up the viewer's imagination.
Very creative and detailed.
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