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My Own Artwork : CITY FROM ABOVE :

If you like it, please share :)

I used 100% original PHOTOGRAPHIC elements to create this image in Photoshop. Took me around 150 hours

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Cool because I just subscribed earlier this morning and once again another beautiful piece.
woot for workflow pdf! Thanks for sharing Tanya!
+Andrew Marston Thank you Andrew. I am also working on a more detailed and expanded ebook. (In between my current children's book illustration project :)
+Tanya Rochat - What's the childrens book about? Also, if you haven't already you may enjoy the work of +Kazu Kibuishi. He has a young adult series called Amulet that is fantastical and seems similar enough to your work to be interesting. Plus he seems to have a good mind for business given his rapid success in the graphic novel industry.
looks like final fantasy or heavenly sword
It's one thing to share something this impressive, but bonus points for the how-to!

I would appreciate a copy of your pdf. I have come across a lot of great digital art and have now belatedly come across yours. I will never be a fully fledged digital artist as just the thought of 150 hrs in Photoshop on one subject gives me the feeling of my life draining away:). Nonetheless its good to have an understanding of how its done and apply a technique or two to my more conventional photography
+Dennis Freeland Thank you for the feedback Dennis. Please follow the 2 steps above to make sure you get a copy of the pdf
Beautiful artwork! I love the detail, and the color. Almost looks like you could reach out and touch it - so realistic.
this is incredible!! 150 hours, yes that I can see! Your attention to detail is amazing! The city reminds me of waterfall city from Dinotopia.
just subscribed! Your work is so inspiring! :) Thank you.
+Jerry Matthew Thank you Jerry. Realistic was the aim and why I used photographs instead of Computer Graphics. Glad you enjoy it.
great work :), reminds me of the Vortex pinnacle, gamers will know it :)
This looks photo-shopped.
+Max Lanz Hi Max. Yes. This is a composite of many photos.
This is a quick overview: I first sketched the scene that I wanted to create on paper. From this sketch I created concept art to help me with the element selection. Then I started to look around for the elements to use in the matte painting. Whenever I found something I felt was a potential fit I would photograph it or search for a photo in my (constantly expanding) photography library. Sometimes it would take weeks before I managed to collect all the required elements. Once I had all the elements together it could take another 160+ hours to put it all together. I used Photoshop and also have a Wacom Cintiq which makes the concept art much easier. (Yes I know I could create some elements in software like Maya, Cinema4D, DAZ etc but I wanted to make sure it is all photographic content)
isn't that from some movie, maybe thorn or something like that
Hi +Gauri Patel . This is my own image created from inspiration from several sources. Have a look at my albums to see similar fantasy landscapes :)
Wow, Tanya! This is an awesome picture to create with Photoshop.... I love it. I will have to look at your site. Zyra.
oh ok then, it looks really good, and creative futuistic with a dash of past, i like it, your good :)
Your welcome... this stuff is great!
Looks like star wars to me ;) But its a VERY impressive art work! Good job!

I tried to signup with your newsletter but he page says its missing page .!
Very beautiful and elaborate. Great work.
Wow... that is.. just wow. I'm blown away at how amazing it looks. I wish I could draw like that.
I feel so small when I see someone as talented as you are. Wonderful artwork, and awesome creativity.
that's amazing! it could be part of the art work for a video game like prince of persia or assassin's creed! so talented.
+olivia williams Thank you Olivia. I just love to create art. I make sure I am busy with a few projects to make sure it always stays interesting.
+Tanya Rochat Now my mind is analyzing the picture and trying to create a video game idea from it. I keep going to a Skyrim/Assassin's Creed sorta thing.. Like, a mix between the two.
tanya .........hai i want to be your friend
tanya ....please add me also in your circle
+Tanya Rochat Yeah, it is. It's fun to create your own universe some times, even if the setting is based off another person's drawing. :)
+andru simon Thank you for liking my art. Unfortunately I won't be adding you to my circles as I have a strong circle management approach.
thanks for the reply..........
amazing work sis , i thought it is 3d image taken from computer , awesome ,
+Nick Stankus That is only the source of the inspiration. You still create your own version :)
+Tanya Rochat Yeah, that's true. Once I get a whole idea, like, backstory, characters, etc., I'll write everything down and may or may not start trying to draw good-looking concept art. :) Oh how I love being creative.
yeah , it is rightly to be said , art ,music ,dance n life has no end , life inspires us to create new things
I would love a copy, this is great work!
I'm signed up. Looking over your site now. Thanks for posting here.
This is fine piece of it. Keep doing..
Simply word to Utter ...!!
This is amazing peice of art.really enjoyed looking at it ,yet what i enjoyed most was ur interaction with the people commenting on it.put that in mind .that s the spirit,really love it
good stuff!! if only my art was that good!! my art is not even worth mentioning ( my art sucks)!!
Thats Really cool I wish I could do tht :)
Could this be out there ? Excellent work
Cool Pics.... great work and creativity... keep going Tanya. You should visit Asian countries and try to bring different culture into on picture.Just a suggestion.:-)
Cette création est fabuleuse !
Id love to be able to do stuff like that! Very Beautiful!
great ...
how did you do that? can you send me the pdf?
Have you thought of making YouTube videos? I'd follow you. You're work is extremely good.
Hi +Omid Nazari Please follow the 2 steps mentioned in the post to ensure you get a copy of the pdf
Ging De
Nice piece as always :).
+Joseph Belcher Hi Joseph. I am in the process of working out how I can best interact using hangouts, ebooks, youtube etc. Please stay tunes :)
I had seen your work before and my eye tells me that You have much perseverance and talent. With those gifts You're like a bowling ball heading for all the pins ! :)
You are incredible. I would love to have some of your work in my gallery here at home!
Maybe it's just me, but this is very Myst-like. Incredible work, I can't imagine the amount of time you had to put into this.
Wow, now this is talent. Very beautiful work you do! Love the fantasy ones. Are any of these for sale? I would love to put some of these images up as an entire wall piece. Nice.
Thanks +Jennifer Wells I will have it for sale within 2 weeks. Please sign up to my newsletter if you would like to be notified.
Would love to see it in motion. Do you make matte paintings for movies?
As always its an amazing piece of work with some great depth and detail to it.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful art creation!
Very very beautiful..great work..
Great work. Just wish it was real so I could visit there :)
Your work amazing. It looks almost as if it is the Elf's city out of Lord of the Rings.
Looks like some art work from King's Landing (Game of Thrones). Sweet!
This is truly amazing, and one can't but adore your artwork!
Very nice! I like the aerial view.
I just have to say that your images are fantastic. I look forward to viewing many more.
Fantastic work. I always look forward to you postings. The creativity is amazing.
so awesome! I can see how this would take so long. I never would have guessed it was all photo elements. it's really incredible!
Very well done! The style, camera angle and composition reminds me a lot of Escher. Impressive work.
Truly stunning work! I can't stop staring at it. Cheers!
Wow you can really get lost in this image. The detail is truly Amazing
Such a beautiful, imaginative image. Really tells a story. 
Stunning. Your perspective lends to so much. Like a staircase of imagination. Clever use of one dome repeated with PS ;)
I insist on detailed photographic reference for my traditional painting and that can take far longer to compile than the act of painting the scene. I often don't end up using elements that took hours to find yet useful to have a s future reference. You must have some serious RAM for storing your references.
Awesome! Looking forward to that book!
Seriously? Are you a computer? Wowoowow this is really speechless for me. Could u upload a high res one?
Ive got to say that is most impressive
Awesome work!  Would love to read more!!
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