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What more can I say ...

Thank you all for sharing your Tom & Jerry memories. I believe we all enjoy them ...
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Don't feel bad... we have re-run here in USA too...I am never too old to watch them... "healthy" violence...
Cartoons are so crappy now. They are terrible. I grew up watching the violent stuff. Never threw myself off a cliff. Never even been in a fight. Bring back the classics!
no it's difrent from me. my childwood in africa was very good. please excuse the mystakes, i dont speak more english
that reminds me my childhood and all that went with it, innocence, games, fun, friends and much more ... that wonderful memories!!
Thanks for sharing :D
i love you my facebook Belazouz la Famixx
is th bst cartoun films in the wourld
For kids growing up in India during the 70's and 80's, this is not what we saw in our childhood but what we saw when our children were watching cartoons.
I've got kids of my own now and I'm excited to introduce T&J to them...basically so I can watch these all again.
Reliving some of those moments right now. :)
m past
i love the classic T&J, the new stuff is crap.
my childhood must have been awesome then..
I miss the old Tom & Jerry because the new is not as good as the old one.Everybody says OLD IS GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!
I loved wathing Tom & Jerry as a kid, and I would just like to say about tv making people violent that I have never in my life hit anyone with a frying pan, bowling ball, anvil, safe, piano, dynamite, cannon, boulder, shotgun, another person, etc (the list could go on for quite a while)... despite years of watching it as a kid.
Also... there was no disclaimer in these shows that said "don't hit your friends with a frying pan", and yet we didn't do that. Why is that? lol.
Big Dog
lol i miss wacthing that show
If you think this is no longer on the air... your adulthood sucks.
surely remember ...... one of mah fav. shows. :))
this is my 2 year olds favorite cartoon, I even have tom and jerry on disks !!!!!!!
I miss such shows! Thanks for reminding me, Milton Bonet.
I remember this and also stuff like Bugs bunny, Ducktales, etc.... That was a good time. Not like nowadays when our kids see only crap, violence or stupid bullshit in television. Thats my opinion here in Luxembourg - Europe
yeah i still watch this cartoon
If you really think about it, the cartoons we grew up watching are a lot more violent than what plays now. Seriously. But, it was funny and still is.

I wonder if anyone has sampled that sound effects rift?

Rule #1: Avoid any T&J cartoons made after Chuck Jones, ESPECIALLY if made for television or video.
Rule #2: T&J do not talk, except to scream. Other cats and mice may talk.
Rule #3: T&J are fun, but for awesomeness, watch the MGM cartoons of Tex Avery.

Best T&J cartoon: Cat Concerto. (Compare and contrast with "Rhapsody Rabbit"...who stole whom? Doesn't matter... T&J do it better.)
Ahhhhhhh suburban pet violence and hatred. How I miss it.
دكريات جميلة,,,,,,سندباد و علي بابا,,,,,,,
Thankfully, with digital remastering, many of the cartoons from the "old school" era, are still enjoyed by children today.
Hanna-Barbera was King back then.
Man, these guys were my favorites! Glad Im not the only one.
Put it back further, my children remember this!!!
je me rappel tres tres bien
they are the best on the word
Thank goodness for boomerang! The pink panther is one of my five year Olds favorites
Tom and Jerry were awesome! It is sad that this day and age cartoons like this are forbidden to us because it is too violent. Society is blaming cartoons and video games with making people violent. Sorry but good parenting and ignoring society will overrule anything a cartoon or video game can bestow. Teach your kid compassion, manners, morals and love! You have more impact on your child then anything a TV or computer ever will. Perhaps then will we be able to enjoy the ironic humor or cartoons like Tom and Jerry once again!
Great time back then. But you should not show it to you kids when they are around 2-3. They start biting the dog in the tail because they think its funny ;)
And my sides ached as my heart went pitter pat, when I watched Felix's cat!
The newer ones are docile in contrast to these. Where is Wiley Coyote and the Road Runner?
Too bad our pussified pc society has banned showing a lot of the great old funny cartoons we had as children. :(
The best cartoon one can ever have
"Memories".... excuse me i have something in my eye sniff

I'm still watching these old episodes...
nyah j
ahh the good old days
Oh yea thats the part when i wacked my little cousin in the head cause he was screwing with my little dog!
yes dear ! that days will never come back again....sweet
T&J. Classic. My favorite was the Flintstones. Every lunch time
Came on right after Scooby. :)
My cats are called tom and jerry after this show! 
when i was a chikd...........there was no TV.........there was only the radio..........and there was no Tom and Jerry on the radio
Once as a child maybe 5 years old, I saw this play out right before my eyes. While at the park with my mother I saw a squirrel making it's way across the filed of grass, only to see a cat stalking from behind but in tow was a large dog, with eyes wide for the cat.
i like this shwo.....................................>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
How could I forget? Best part of my childhood.
Loved watching tom n jerry...
Tom and Jerry and looney toons are soooo much better than this new crap. I also like Johnny Quest. That one was good.
I remember this well but I wouldn't say it's a sign of a happy childhood.
I still can't control my eyes watching it, when the kids are watching it
i always watch itt...... best cartoon ever.. love it :) :)
Keith B
Loved cartoons, lament the new PC age, but always hated T & J.
LOL Yay!! i love that episode!!! Tom and Jerry comes on tonite!!
guess thats one for me lol i always felt bad for tom. pooor wittle pussy tat. he always ate crap lol
I preferred Tex Avery's toons :P
But Tom & Jerry were great before Hannah Barbarian took over.
smal and simple formula for better life.
I so miss Tom & Jerry, oh and not forgetting Butch! Great memories
i dont remamber it i know it and still watch it XD
YES!!!! I remember Tom & Jerry. Love the guys!...Working a little too much and long to get the chance to watch them anymore :(
I wouldn't use the word "awesome" but I have no other childhood to compare it with.
I try to catch them on TV.
i still see them from time to time and i cant help but sit dow and watch
i like this cartoon since my childhood n would b liking it forever
WTF, I remember this video. They started fighting again after they broke the peace agreement LOL
This, looney toons, popeye, and woody woodpecker. also bring back real lawn darts and the other fun stuff we had as kids
Proud to say our 2 year old watches and loves Tom and Jerry, Chip and Dale, Fraggle Rock
Between YouTube & Netflix you can find almost any of the oldies. I love that the sounds were all done with orchestra pieces.
Tom and Jerry on +YouTube
your cute and yes i remember this well
waooooooooo but not only my chilhood was awosome my lyf iz awosome my dear!!!!!!!!!
Glad to know about you Tanya.....
Anybody remember Hekyl & Jekyl, Mighty Mouse?
This is awesome,I even watch Tom and Jerry either alone and mostly with daughter who adores these cartoons.

Si Sid
I remember this cartoon
Is good cartoon I like that 
Yeah its a great show, a safe violent thriller haha, tks a lot

They just don't make cartoons like they used to.
hahahahahahahahaha so funny i forgot to laugh
I dont really like but my brother does

Even the comic books used to be so great in good old days. Publishers make comic books differently today then they did back then.
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i luv dat show i still watch it because im stil a kid hahhahahahahhahahah lol but yea i remember dat show
childhood wasnt awesome but danged if it weren't sweet sometimes
I started seeing this when I was 15. Still my childhood was awesome ;-) 
help! which episode is this? I haven't seen this one for years.. :X
Those were really nostalgic days
And no warnings when they came on like now for violence, language etc. 
Yes .......................I and miss u TOM AND JERRY....................
do not see much of them any more
All that goes through my mind when I see this is the repeating *dink donk dunk, dink donk dunk" as they whack each other, I'll ALWAYS love Tom & Jerry (:
my favorite is the one when he serenades a lady cat playing the stand up bass singing "Is you is, or is you ain't my baby.. or has my baby found somebody new" - is that a Louis Armstrong tune? I think it is...all the better !
really cartoons......................
ahahaha!! Although I've always disliked Jerry ;P
feel like im a kid again, crazy tom and jerry..
I remember that, but my childhood sucks.
The kids we can't touch them with this Tom & Jerry.
If you remember this

You saw it on Facebook
All those Saturday mornings laughing :) 
Tanya you must of seen that on repeats? You don't look old enough to have seen that when it was on saturday mornings..Now don't freak! Didnt mean anything by it, Just your pretty young and pretty to have seen to good cartoons.
ha! i wonder what kind of childhood someone had if they didn't have Tom and Jerry in it. lovely cartoon, always alerts me to the fun side of life...
those days was the diamond priod of life
This is still being broadcasted, babe!!!
Oh yes maam... Dis animation r prt of my childhood series. It alwys pt d'smile on my face til nw. Whneva me watchd it, evntho me nw trn 40.
I'm proud to say that i know it.
i remember this & i often see that cartoon on the Tv & i'll not forget Teletebies was awesome
Too bad that the kids that watched this when it first came out grew up and had to make everything "politically correct" in cartoons now!
+Joseph Feldman we didn't MAKE everything politically correct. We are the REASON that they made everything politically correct. And hot damn am I proud of that fact.
Oh,I wonder that I have a beautiful memory in my brain, before all-that-life-problems destroy them :p
Tom&Jerry was is and will be the best cartoon ever :)
The same as russian NU PAGADI :)
i use to watch that show always...but sometimes
i do
As soon as I saw this picture, my mind began to play the scene. Someone needs to create a GIF of this scene!
Oh yes loved Tom & Jerry birth 1967 Leo 
my mother, me and my little sister we all remember it . it's timeless
Cartoons are fun until one kid hits another over the head with a wrench. Thankfully my brother does not remember the incident. 
They just don't make cartoons like that anymore. I think the world would be a better place if they showed this over Barney.
I used to like the other little mouse Jerry was always trying to teach.
I loved it so much and it is still the best for me
Shyla petersen how are u. Can we talk
ofc i remember this i had a huge tom and jerry collection :D
you never ever saw a human other than their legs, didnt need to. tom and jerry pure brilliance :)
Shyla petersen how are u. Can we talk
Shyla petersen how are u. Can we talk
Looks like we reached the 500 comments limit.

Thank you for sharing your Tom and Jerry memories. I really enjoyed reading them and love that the T&J fan club is so healthy :)