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Triplane Squadrons

Please share it if you like it :-)

This is a quick overview: I first sketched the scene that I wanted to create on paper. From this sketch I created concept art to help me with the element selection. Then I started to look around for the elements to use in the matte painting. Whenever I found something I felt was a potential fit I would photograph it or search for a photo in my (constantly expanding) photography library. Sometimes it would take weeks before I managed to collect all the required elements. Once I had all the elements together it could take another 160+ hours to put it all together. I used Photoshop and also have a Wacom Cintiq which makes the concept art much easier. (Yes I know I could create some elements in software like Maya, Cinema4D, DAZ etc but I wanted to make sure it is all photographic content)

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As a pilot I find a lot to love about your art! So excited about it I had to mention you as my recommended G+er on Trey Radcliffe's show last week. Best wishes! I can't wait to see what you do next. :)
+Kalebra Kelby Wow. Thank you Kalebra. My husband is heavy into aviation (his Dad was a fighter pilot) so it is rubbing off. I am also studying some 'steampunk' at the moment :)
Can't wait to see what that produces! ;)
I give you a + for sharing how you do what you do, a + for doing it, a + for sharing what you do, a + for ... ;-)
+Wray Post Thank you for all the +es Wray. I sense you are thinking of green again :)
This is wonderful and the thumbnail does not do it justice. I am completely swept away into your world. Fantastic!
Thanks +Kalebra Kelby for showing the way!
Gorgeous. If I didn't have an issue with heights, I would almost want to use it as a meditation piece.
I am thinking of making them available for sale in the USA via a smughug type portfolio. Any suggestions?
Beautiful. I shared it. Thank you,
Love it and the aircraft remind me of the Flying Circus as well, but mixed with something like Jurassic parks landscape. Amazing work as always.
Sorry in WWI the Germans painted there aircraft in lots of colours and they ended up being called the flying circus because of it.
Speed streaks! Don't forget speed streaks!
Ina Gat
Wow, one more great creation of you. I want to dive right into the picture -- or acturally not, because it looks quite dangerous ;-)
Saw your Grid crit, loved your photos! Your work is amazing!!
Every plane in the picture is a tri-plane.
Hi Tanya, Love it.
Just curious - how big in pixels is an image like this bi-plane series?
After several requests I have created a NEW ART ANNOUNCEMENT group to personally let you know when I release a new piece of artwork
Amazing work! Thanks for sharing for #FisheyeFriday
This is amazing work +Tanya Rochat , I love the perspective you have created and the dizzying sense of speed as we follow those aircraft down into the river valley.
I really like this one. It really captures that heady feeling of diving during flight.
This is beyond awesome - Great work
Beautiful work! Avatar meets WWII fighter planes :)
Stunning!  Looks like the Li River in Southern China :-)
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