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Tanya Pergola
Weaving Indigenous Roots into a Blossoming New Consciousness
Weaving Indigenous Roots into a Blossoming New Consciousness

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After more than a year of feeling bombarded by loud, generally unpleasant, and often violent language from many sources in the States, I was truly looking forward to The Healing Safari in Tanzania. As the creator and leader of The Healing Safari, I am passionate about guiding people through this external-inner personal journey, and this year, I realized that I needed some stillness, silence, primordial nature, indeed, some healing myself. I was exhausted come November 2016. I could not wait to get back to my old home in Africa.

Truthfully, it is a bit hard to describe what happens on a Healing Safari. Perhaps it is the fact that you are immersed into a world so different from your normal daily life. You are settled into the African bush, away from tarred roads, traffic, internet, and living on nature-time. Sunrises and sunsets frame your day and the sounds of birds and elephants drinking water are your morning alarm clock. As you travel along wildlife conservation areas by vehicle or by foot, you have no choice but to stay in present moment awareness. Thoughts of the past and of the future are not relevant at the moment, as your attention is focused on the behavior of lions, giraffes, buffalo and a spectacular migration of wildebeests and zebra moving with intention across the Serengeti plains. A visual meditation of a kind, carrying you head-and-heart-first into the circle of life.

The word safari is a Swahili word which literally means “a journey”. On The Healing Safari we travel an awesome journey through environments of gorgeous wildlife while exploring how the external journey mirrors an inner journey.

Usually by the third day, you wake up with the sun and really, truly feel your body. So far removed from the information society, your brain gets a chance to breathe. You remember you have a body attached below your head. The re-connection is very sweet. And then...when you may least expect it, like when witnessing lions mating under a great African sky, the spirit sneaks in and aligns with your mind-body, like magic.

Practicing meditation and yoga in these environs is fantastic. The stillness of early morning as Mother Nature wakes up is profound. And observing the graceful movements of giraffes walking behind you does wonders to inspire your own ease and grace in your yoga movements.

There can be some tears. Primordial forests and charismatic megafauna have a way of stirring emotions. What is beautiful about The Healing Safari is that moving through emotional turbulence can happen in the privacy of your own room, journaling, or talking with a fellow traveler or your guide. Whatever feels best. You feel so supported and secure that you sense the whole Universe is on your side. Amazing.

At the end of The Healing Safari, detoxed from internet, noise, etc. and completely immersed in the sounds, smells and sights of Mother Nature, a profound healing takes place. You re-enter your world back home feeling rejuvenated…and even transformed.

Of course, everybody's experience of The Healing Safari is different. These words are the best I can do to describe my experience. I feel so blessed to be guiding these journeys with my soul brother Ole Sululu. Really looking forward to leading Healing Safaris in 2017!


See more photos on my Blog site

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The Cows are in Germany this week! 🇩🇪 At the biggest marketplace Frankfurter Buchmesse, the Frankfurt Book Fair. So proud ☺️ If anybody knows translators who may be interested, I would love to have Time is Cows translated into German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian. Please hook us up! @combinedbook #fbm16 #ibpa #timeiscows

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Part III of my blog series "Out of Africa back to America" is up. I tell the story of Sandy Hook Elementary School near my childhood home in Connecticut. This horrifying event happened just weeks after my return to the States. I describe how to begin to heal from these school shootings, using ancient healing rituals. In peace, Tanya

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The second piece in the series Out of Africa back to America is out :)
Part II describes the migration from South Africa->New York->Los Angeles->Miami. And it has sound effects of the wildlife in Africa...and in Coconut Grove!

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This is the first piece in a series, starting now. An Italian-Russian-American-who-lived-in-Africa-for-a-decade-and-then-returns-to-America. I share my take on what it was like, is like, to come back to the country I was born, where I received my formal education, and where many friends and family live. Seeing the United States of America again, from 2012 until today, with African lenses, has been more than interesting, to say the least. I look forward to sharing with you…

Four years ago this month, I made the choice to move back to the United States of America. At the time, I was living in South Africa, seeing private clients locally and spending good parts of the day on the laptop continuing to run the humanitarian organization I co-founded in Tanzania, marketing safaris and working on my first book. I shared a beautiful home in Pretoria with a dear friend and colleague that we had intended to transform into a wellness centre. I had two great consulting jobs, one in Tanzania and another in Botswana. Life was sweet, yet strangely stuck in some way I couldn't understand. My friends and I often noted how the technology in 2012 allowed some of us to choose where to live while our work could be located somewhere else. In some ways this was liberating, in others, unsettling. It is challenging to grow roots in a cloud.

[Read more in my Blog]

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My newest blog "Dispelling Some Hatred" tells my story of an encounter I had in Dar es Salaam with a man who greeted me with the statement "I hate Americans."

How I managed to shift the perspective truly surprised me, and I want to share it with you all.

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Hi! I have a new teaching schedule at The Zen Spot for my Yoga & Meditation classes. Including Floating Meditation :) Have a look here for the specific days and times -

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And here it latest Blog post. The ephemeral Jade Vine provides a perfect metaphor. Enjoy it! This one's for you.

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Nautilus Award Winner!!!

I'm so happy to announce that "Time is Cows: Timeless Wisdom of the Maasai" has been named a Nautilus Award winner! This is such an honour, not just for me, the author, but for everybody who has supported and encouraged me along the way. And for my co-creator Lekoko Ole Sululu I state in the book's dedication:

"This book is dedicated to my father, Charles Pergola, who inspired me to love life, to understand how healing makes our hearts happy, and, to treasure all the lessons in life that make us grow and blossom.

And to the Maasai, who entrusted me to find a way to share their rapidly disappearing indigenous knowledge so their enduring wisdom can help heal a troubled world. I humbly hope that I have met your expectations."

If you haven't yet read the book, or if you'd like to gift it to a friend, it is available at many booksellers in multiple forms (traditional, electronic, audio). Go to to find out how to get a copy.


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My newest blog post is up!

Chillin' with the Monkeys in your Mind :)

"And then…something happens, and it all stops. Calm returns. It is really cool to be inside the jungle during these times. You can feel your own mind-body chill out. Even if you have no idea what restored order in animal kingdom."
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