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So I might as well write a review of the Vita since it's firmware is updating.
Holy crap, I just hit accept and it was updating in the background, it's at 58% (downloading) now.
I'm not going to complain about the things I already did. Repeating myself gets me nowhere.

The buttons are all different than what I'm used to.
PSP's buttons/shoulder buttons were perfect. Vita's aren't.
They're smaller, have less travel, the shoulder buttons have no click to them.
The thumbsticks are tiny. The dpad is wobbly. The PS/start/select buttons are flush with the system, which is annoying.

PSP let you hot swap memory cards. Vita does not.
Sony still can't do AC adapters right. Just copy Nintendo. Everyone thinks you do, you might as well actually do it for once.
I love that it let me put a lock code on it.
It didnt like my xperia plays headphones either.

I had to deactivate all my PS devices from PSN cause I had 5 handhelds registered already. Arg. Vita shouldn't count as the same as PSP.
PSN also made me delete my credit card information, it asked for the expiry date and CVV number but felt the numbers I was giving it were wrong. Even though they were the same as the ones on my card.
My PSN download list is huge, you'd think it'd filter out what it can't download.
PSN content has to install, and it doesn't give you a progress bar.

The game boxes are tiny. The guy at future shop said it was as if bluray had babies.
The GUI is more animated than PSPs. The battery icon has a little lightning bolt inside when it's charging, progress bars have that Windows vista/7 shine to them.
I already have more demos downloading than 3DS has in total.
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It took months to get my first street pass hit, I already have 5 near hits.
I get why some games disable the network features.
It should ask you first though.

But why disable it when Vita is plugged in?
It is really comfortable to hold. To the point where it puts 3DS to shame. 3DS has sharp points on the bottom, sharp edges. Vita is all curves
So... How do you disable the menu music without muting the system?

EDIT: Settings\Sound & Display\System Music
anyone know how to update system software before linking your PSN account? that's the only option i am given
Ian H
Keep the impressions coming. I was waiting on the Techni review, lol.

I'm glad to hear it's as comfortable as it looks. Going with curves for the design was a great idea.
It only asks some times if you're sure you want to quit the game that's currently running.
If you use that page-turn swipe it won't ask.
But if you click another game it will.
Inconsistency isn't good.
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