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Tanuja Dabir
I help high-performance women reclaim their Freedom, Fun and Power
I help high-performance women reclaim their Freedom, Fun and Power


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If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?
Have you paused to listen to your body?
How long have you been suffering from your symptoms?
How long more do you wish to continue like that?

Wan to have more energy, feel fabulous and be your best?
Then my 1:1 Health Transformation program is your BFF.

Let's do this.

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[ALERT: Too Good to be True]

So why not do it in a way that takes you from being Exhausted. Overwhelmed and Body-Shy to Energetic, Confident & Gorgeous?

👨🏽Yes men reading this....
(I believe in inclusion)
....YOU are included too in this offer, unless you only survive on good ol’ beer. ;)

⚡️⚡️Check out my ‘Diet-Free’ Diet 3 week meal plan & save yourself 55%.
You get to eat your food and keep your money too…..

🔥 But, only for the next 72 hours.

C’mon I can’t handle being nicer than that.😜

Here is the link.

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Stress is a perception problem.

During a particular situation, we may perceive the situation as one where it demands more than what we our comfortable handling, and that causes stress.

Our brains were wired to assess a situation and deem it either as safe and comfortable or as dangerous or uncomfortable.

Stress is the brain's response to keep us safe. The fight or flight response as we know it.

So stress is a very important physiological response to remove us from a potentially harmful situation like facing a saber toothed tiger. You either want to run away as fast as you can or you fight it in an attempt to kill it.

That is acute stress, and is the good kind of stress! Without that alarm bell reaction, you will be the main course of the saber tooth tiger's dinner that night. ;)

But then there is chronic stress where we are constantly worried and under distress.

Common examples are: meeting a project deadline, dealing with a difficult boss at work, financial worries, relationship issues.

This is the bad type of stress and is known to overtime lead to chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, dementia, insomnia and even some forms of cancer.

In my coaching practice, I see clients who have physical manifestations of chronic stress. These show up as symptoms like chronic body pain, muscle tightness, sugar cravings, emotional eating, lethargy, digestive issues like heartburn, constipation or diarrhea, frequent episodes of flu/ cold and cough, migraines etc.

And yet surprisingly when I ask them to rate the stress levels from 1-10, most say "Oh, it's not that bad. I am at a 6 or 7."

What they don't realize is how much of internal management has already happened to deal with the stress, before you can even begin to rate it! That internal management takes a toll on the body and as is seen as symptoms like the ones listed above.

Those symptoms are just the body's way of screaming out and telling you to pay attention!

We on the other hand, ignore them and keep going. Sometimes for years altogether. So it is no surprise that the symptoms get worse and you feel crappier by the day. In extreme cases it may even lead to adrenal exhaustion.

There are 3 secrets to being healthy and energetic, (which aren't secrets at all actually), and dealing with stress effectively. These are:

1. Eating clean, healthy, real foods, which energize every cell of your body from the inside out.

2. Nourishing the mind with positive thoughts, identifying self-sabotaging habits/ patterns and working to get past them.

3. Having a support system around you which cheers you on no matter what and makes you accountable to stay on track.

These are the 3 basic pillars on which I have built my coaching practice.

If you have been combating stress, I invite you to identify your stress triggers as the first step to start getting a handle on your situation.

i) Do you know what causes you stress? Make a list of everything that bothers you. Every little bit. Identify the top 3 affecting you the most. Those need to be dealt with first.

ii) Do you know what your default coping mechanism is? For some it could be going for a run, for others it could mean stuffing the mouth with a large piece of cake!

iii) How long have you had these triggers? Longer than 3 months? That is a high-alert warning to fix the situation ASAP.

iv) What do you do for self care on a regular basis? Most people never take the time or think it is important. And that adds fuel to the fire.

v) What are your eating habits like? Do you skip meals, eat too many processed foods, love sugar, over eat or under eat when stressed?

It is important to re-connect with your body and understand what is really going on deep down and how are you responding to it on a conscious and subconscious level.

Your well-being starts with you first. Are you ready to take charge?

Would love to hear your thoughts.....

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You have a successful career.
Your kids are well behaved, healthy and happy.
You are the pillar of strength and courage for your family and friends.
Your colleagues admire you and are even a tad jealous of how can you manage it all?

It seems all so magical.

But what is really happening behind that smiling mask of yours?

Is there sadness, overwhelm or frustration?
Is there a sense of disconnect?
No real sense of joy or real sense of accomplishment.
Your life suddenly seems surreal.

Your body is ailing.
The hair is graying faster than you can color it.
The waistline is expanding, no matter how much you bust your ass in the gym.
The sugar cravings have possessed you.
There is pain suddenly in your back or shoulders.

What is going on?

You don't really know who you are any more.
You wonder who is this person in the mirror?
When did you become like this?

This was my story too a few years ago. I lived many years like that.

It was choking me on the inside, every day.

But I did not like the status quo.

I refused to accept the deterioration of my health and loss of joy in my life.

I took action. SOLID ACTION, and I made a 180 degree turn. FOR GOOD.

That is why today I empower high-achieving women just like you, who are done feeling crappy, take their life back by reconnecting with their true self & nourishing their body and mind optimally, so that they can be their best.

With my proven nutrition, mindset and lifestyle hacks, I enable my women to reclaim:
from dietary deprivation, pain both mental and physical, & self-sabotaging habits
weaved into your daily life, instead of waiting for that once a year vacation.
to regain control over diet, health, thoughts & life

If you are done pretending everything is fine and hiding behind the mask, you need to attend my live workshop on 7th May.

Here are the deets.

Can't attend live? Let's chat and figure out a way to get your back on track, living freely, having fun and feeling powerful in the real sense.

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Understand the real meaning of the word diet, so that you can nourish yourself right.

Want more energy, time and peace of mind everyday?
Download this quick guide to help you with just that!

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We inherited this second fridge when we moved to our current place 4 years ago.

It's ugly, loud as hell, not energy efficient and close to broken from inside.

And yet, we kept it. Why? 🤔

Coz it sort of does the job of holding any 'extra' stuff we buy which can't fit in our main fridge.

And we got used to it too. 😬 just being there.

🌱Today being earth day, we decided to get rid of it, and save energy. ♻️

So the first thought was to replace it with a new more energy efficient one. My husband even started to look for options.

❌⛔️ but I stopped him and challenged him why can't we just get rid of it altogether and use just one main fridge??

🤔 Why buy more stuff and overstock food?

✅ So we emptied this fridge and reorganized the main one an VOILA! everything fit in the main fridge!! 🙌🏼

🤜🏼 We are going to try being 2nd fridge-less for the month and reassess if we really do need a new one!

💭💭💭So what's the Aha??

💥💥Our Sub-Conscious mind is just like this old fridge!!💥💥

💬It houses a lot of unwanted self sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and patterns.

📢 It makes loud noise when we want to change our habits and become better version of ourselves

💬 It prohibits us from progressing

💬 It makes us believe that we need to hold onto to these thoughts/ habits just coz we are 'used' to doing so for years!

‼️The result is:

➡️We keep suffering being inefficient,

➡️We drown in our own loud noise of limiting beliefs

➡️We waste precious time and energy trying to swim out of the swirl!

➡️ Overtime we get frustrated with ourselves and it manifests as physical symptoms- insomnia, cravings, constipation, food sensitivities, lethargy, body pain and much more.

It is important to recognize this swirl and how we are stopping ourselves from feeling good, being better.

You can do better.

▶️It's time to reassess what's stopping you from being your best version?

⏹What IS stopping you?? REALLY?

This is the kind of work I do with my clients.


If you are local, make sure you you grab your spot

If you aren't local or can't make it PM me to set up time for a discovery call.

Time to end the craziness.

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********Are You Done Feeling Sick, Perpetually Exhausted & Yet Pretending Everything is Fine?*******

Discover how you can break-free from the shackles of feeling burnt-out, tired and disconnected to being more healthier, energetic and relaxed than ever before!

Join me at this amazing LIVE event & walk out of this gathering confident, energized & powerful.

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Your body is most comfortable at a particular temperature, and it differs from person to person.

So when the temperature in the room drops, we start feeling cold.
The natural reaction then is to grab an extra sweater or blanket. Perhaps wear some socks or even enjoy a warm cuppa joe to warm you up.

These are great options, no doubt. But short term.

Coz what if the temperature drops further after some time?

Will you grab more sweaters? Will you drink more hot beverages?
For how long?

And if you don't- you will be so cold overtime that you won't be able to function normally.....

So the logical thing would be to fix the thermostat, right?

It's the same with any symptoms you are experiencing right now. Cravings? Diarrhea? Constipation? Always tired?

You can look up quick fixes and try different things to feel better. Bu that is not going to take care of the situation for long. It will come back again & get worse everytime.

Why are you repeatedly experiencing these symptoms? What is going on in the body? Why are your DIY steps not helping?

Unless we get to the root cause and fix it at that basic level, things will not change.

💥 Symptoms are body's way of telling you, something is out of balance. So please listen to your body and do the needful!

☑️ Need help? Reach out and we can do it together........

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Easter and Spring signify the onset a new beginning.
So it’s a great time of the year to focus on healthier eating habits.

As we shed the warm clothes and enjoy the fresh crisp spring breeze and the sunshine, why not bring the energy and vibrancy back into your body as well?

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You don’t need to move mountains!
* Eating healthy is easy.
* Taking care of your body is easy.

Keep it simple.
- Adding an extra glass of water to your day, or
- Eating a salad twice a week, or
- Stretching first thing in the morning just for 5 minutes, or

There are many more easy and sustainable ways to eat healthier and start changing how you feel.

Want to know them? Then we got to work together:
Here are 2 ways of working me with 1 on 1.

i) 90 min intensive for fast track action plan to address your immediate health and wellbeing concerns.
ii) 90 day deep dive intensive to transform yourself from the inside out. Getting to the root cause of your symptoms, discovering how to feed your body and mind right.

- More Energy
- More Freedom to eat freely without restrictions.
- More confidence
- More peace of mind
- More time
- More power
-More fun.

PM for deets. Let's get this done. N.O.W
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