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Tanner Christensen
Product designer, creativity expert, full-time nerd
Product designer, creativity expert, full-time nerd

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You don't need to look for a high IQ. You need a balance between intelligence, curiosity, and empathy.

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How Facebook keeps employees happy in the world's largest office #innovation   #creativity   #productivity

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My latest post on Medium: "You don’t need to beat yourself up over your failings or shortcomings. The world keeps spinning, time moves forward, you can too."

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"At Facebook, we consider quality experiences to be composed of three conjoined parts: they have clear value for people, are easy to use, and are at the highest level of craft. If you happen to be designing something small, ask yourself this: how would you prioritize these three parts?"

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"Good writers write about what we know, better writers write about what we don’t yet know we know."

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Big ideas always start out as small answers to the question of "What if?"

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What's it like to design for 2.5 million businesses at Facebook?

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"New ideas are merely old ideas we’ve broken in a convenient way."

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"What this tells us is that we must do whatever we can in our lives to promote each of these aspects of brewing good ideas however possible. Surrounding ourselves with intelligent and diverse people, paying attention to recent trends and breakthroughs, being open to mistakes and attempting got learn from them, giving ourselves time to develop ideas, etc.

But most importantly, I believe, to be the most creative person in the world is to be the most curious person in the world."


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"Figuring out who the creative problem solvers on your team is hard. One of the reasons for this, according to author Tanner Christensen, is that there are a variety of methods individuals use to think creativity. Some are obvious to an outside observer and others are not."

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