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Parenting in an angry home

The wonderful article below offers tips to keep parental and other adult caregivets arguments and blow ups to a minimum. It isn't good for adults or childten and kids  learn and model their behaviors from those adults they look up to the most - theit parents and the other adults in their lives.

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Hanford and the B-Reactor

Would you like to take a virtual tour of one of the sites included in the Manhattan Project National Historic Park system? If so, the Atomic Heritage Foundation,, has a wonderful page, Ranger in Your Pocket,, where you can take virtual tours, with historic film footage, of the B-Reactor in Richland, Washington, USA, and learn more about the history of the Manhattan Project, the other National Park sites, and the Atomic Heritage Foundation.

Manhattan Project National Historic Park

Email spammed

Dear email spammers,

You are the reason that there is a Federal Trade Commission,, in the United States and I just thought you might be thrilled to know that I share every one of your emails with the FTC.

Thank You

Are you tired of spam in your inbox? Go to the FTC ' S site to learn more.

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The American Dream is Not Optional (US Dept. of Educ. blog)

That is he title of the article below, from the United States Department of Education. In Memphis there is good news for young undocumented Latino children. Read more about the good news, check out the Department of Education's whistlestops and see if your town is one this year's pit stops, and read more education news.

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EDUCATION IN USA - Did you know.

Your child has the following rights..

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The night sky filled with "falling stars" to wish upon. Beautiful.
Here is one of my Perseid Fireballs shot from all my DSLR Fish-eye Lens images, Definitely the best  Perseid shower that I have witnessed in years. My Observatories on the left & my Camera on the right!

08-12-2015 to 08-13-2015
Modified Canon Rebel Xsi, 8mm Fish-eye lens, F3.5, ISO 1600, 15 second subs, captured at my Observatories in Yellow Springs, Ohio USA, 16 Perseid Meteors are visible in this image, Constellations of Cygnus to Perseus, the Andromeda Galaxy,  & Double Cluster are visible as well.

Best Regards,
John Chumack

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