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Tania Burgos-Lucero (Tanuyeiro)
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Writer by day, Heroine by night but most of the time a simple Nerd.
I'm very excited about what technology brings to society, and anxious at the same time about how it will impact
those left out by the changes -- and how they will react.
Diverse experiences in a wide range of domains. Strong experience in working to solve complex problems.
Experience in developing unique solutions via broad partnerships. Always looking to innovate by bringing
smart people together. Focus on strategy, development , operations, and defining solutions.
Specialties: Writing, Internet Culture, Telecom Industry Web Entertainment, Social Networking, Digital
Media, Intersection of Culture and Technology, Web Start-ups and Education Research

Bragging rights
I'm a Y2K, 911, Tsunami and Skynet activation survivor and if you are reading this, it means that you are part of the Resistance! Did I mention that I'm a Member of The Rebel Alliance?? Oh yes, my coordinates 40.801936,-73.264268 on sector GMT-5 EST.
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Tanuyeiro, Tania Burgos-Lucero, Tania S Mendieta
Storyteller, Researcher, Internet Engineer, Forensic Psychologist, Cyber Anthropologist, Perl Magician and Phyton Master


The Large Magellanic Cloud is encircled by bright young stars that are likely to have formed after another galaxy powered past, compressing gas
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Seven months ago, I was looking for a new job. With little else to do after applying for a new one, I browsed Facebook, where I saw Wikimedian friends posting with #100wikidays. I quickly discovered that the hashtag referred to a challenge undertaken by Wikipedians to write one new article each day for ...
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Wikipedia is built to be shared and remixed. This is possible, in part, thanks to the incredible amount of material that is available in the public domain. The public domain refers to a wide range of creations that are not restricted by copyright, and can be used freely by anyone. These works can be copied, ...
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Wikipedia has just turned 16, at a time when the need for accurate, reliable information is greater than ever. In a world where social media channels are awash with fake news, and unreliable assertions come from every corner, the Wikimedia communities and Wikipedia in particular have offered a space ...
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The paradox powering Earth’s magnetic field
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Molecules tied into beautiful ‘octofoil’ knot for first time
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Wiki Loves Women is addressing two content gaps on Wikipedia through adding content about African women, helping to increase the encyclopedia's gender and geographical diversity. In addition, this week's news in brief includes updates about Wikimania, Wikimedia project milestones, Wiki Project ...
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To expand Wikimedia communities' efforts, we need to guarantee open access to resources that support this very important work. The Wikimedia Resource Center is a hub designed in response to this issue: it is a single point of entry for Wikimedians all over the world to access the resources and staff ...
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Mapping the multiverse: How far away is your parallel self?
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By Nuria Ruiz, Wikimedia Foundation Andrew Otto, Wikimedia Foundation January 13th, 2017. Our three key players are Hadoop, the defacto distributed batch data processing platform; JSON, a ubiquitous data format; and Kafka, which is becoming the system of choice for transporting streams of data.
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No sign of seasonal dark matter after four years of searching
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In March 2015, the Wikimedia Foundation launched its first Inspire Campaign with the goal of improving gender diversity within our movement. The campaign invited idea on how we as a movement could improve the representation of women within our projects, both in its content and as contributors.
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The older generation of activists would also do well to realize that they no longer struggle just for their own healing.

"Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia) is good at failure!" - Sage One UK

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La Vigilancia en Internet y el Programa PRISM

Durante los últimos meses he dedicado tiempo a este blog para hablar sobre los riesgos a la privacidad que tenemos con el Internet como pode

Writing Wikipedia Articles: The Basics and Beyond

Learn how to navigate Wikipedia, get help, find people to work with, and write articles!