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RootsMagic 5 GEDCOM problem
+Louis Kessler discovers that RootsMagic 5 GEDCOM files contain null characters. Real GEDCOM files do not contain null characters.
Louis wants to update Behold's GEDCOM import routine to discover and deal with this problem. I doubt that I can talk him out of that, but the simple fact is that it is a defect in RootsMagic's GEDCOM expor, that needs to be fixed, not gain third party support through über-flexible GEDCOM import routines.
I'm sure +Bruce Buzbee understands how serious this defect is, and will aim to fix it in the next update.
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RootsMagic doesn't insert nulls in GEDCOM exports, so I'm guessing that someone copy / pasted something with nulls into the notes in RM. If Louis wants to send me a copy of the offending GEDCOM I'll take a look at it and try to see where they might be originating and how to get rid of them during export.
More than one genealogy application has issues dealing with notes that are copied & pasted in; my, ahem, favourite is using another line terminator than the rest of the GEDCOM. The input should be normalised, to prevent issues like this.
Thanks Louis. I haven't seen it yet, but I'll keep an eye out for it.
While Louis will update Behold's GEDCOM import routine for the next update, many other programs import the GEDCOM without errors.
I would not think these are due to any third party support through 'über-flexible GEDCOM import routines'.
Some of the programs include:
Ahnenblatt, dynastree, Family Historian, Family Tree Legends, Family Tree Builder, The Complete Genealogy Builder and TNG.
Many applications will read it because they do not bother to properly parse GEDCOM files. One could add that most of these applications are likely to export it too. That they import the file without problems is not because their GEDCOM handling is smart, but because it is not...
A good GEDCOM reader distinguishes itself from the pack by producing an import error to warn the user that something is wrong.
That is what I was attempting to say. Thanks Tamura for putting it into English.
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