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Family Tree Maker for Mac 2 review
FTM for Mac 2 review by Keith Riggle; TreeSync limitations and failures, problems with place authority, media limitations, hints produce garbage citations, frequenty crashes, poor GEDCOM support and oh, more expensive but less features than the Windows release, without being file format compatible.

He submitted his review to for fact-checking, but the very first sentence of the review is still dead wrong; Family Tree Maker for Mac (FTMM), released in late 2010, was not the first Mac version of FTM. The rest is painfully accurate and lays out in detail what many already know; New FTM for Mac isn't any better than New FTM for Windows :-(
Family Tree Maker for Mac (FTMM), released in late 2010, was the first Mac version of the best-selling genealogy software released by (hereafter referred to as Ancestry). The only previou...
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Tamura, I really respect your work, but you misinterpreted the first sentence of my review. What I meant was that FTMM was's first Mac version (I know, I should have said what I meant to begin with). I further noted that Broderbund had released a version in 1997. But your summary of the review is spot on. By the way, Ben Sayer graciously offered to post the review at, so I moved it there.
Keith, it seems we are in complete agreement, just disagree about how to express it ;-)
That doesn't change the fact that your first blog post is a such a detailed and well-argued review of New FTM for Mac v2 that I just had to alert my followers to it.
Look forward to your next blog post :-p

By the way, however flattering the offer to do so may be, reposting your content elsewhere is a bad idea. There already are links to the original, and Google frowns upon duplicated content. You want links, not copies.
Thanks for the recommendation. As I said, I moved the post, not reposted, so you'll find it and all subsequent posts at
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