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Tampa Java(vm) User Group
A place for all things JVM!
A place for all things JVM!


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July 2014 Meeting - Java on Docker
This month, we want to explore Docker and its use in the Java enterprise application world.  Docker ( )
is one of the fastest growing technologies in the 12 months.  Written
Go ;), Docker lets you bundle your application inside a computin...

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June 2014 Meeting on Mule, the Open Source ESB
For the Tampa Java User Group's June 2014 meeting, it will be all about Mule, Mulesoft's
open source ESB. Are you responsible or maintaining brittle code in
your enterprise? The sort of code that can ruin your entire day when you
have to make a change to...

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May 2014 Meeting - From JEE to Cloud Foundry: A PaaS Journey
Have you ever wondered
how you can get your JEE-based to benefit from PaaS services such as
easy deployment, configurable request routing, and resource scaling? 
For the Tampa Java(VM) User Group meeting for May 2014, Joshua Davis
(Pivotal) will discuss...

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April 2014 - Meeting Wrap up
April 2014 Meeting Wrap up Big thanks
to all who attended Tuesday's presentation on JDK 8 for April's 2014
meeting.  Another superb thank you to Bob Damato of Valpak for the great
food and venue.  Meeting Material Presentation Deck JDK 8 Feature List Jav...

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2014 Call for Presenters
During the next 10 months of 2014, we want to extend the opportunity to our member body to present to the group.  If you are passionate about a subject or want to force yourself to learn something interesting, consider becoming a presenter for the Tampa Java(VM) User Group.  As long as it is vaguely related to the JVM (with room for just about all technical topics) consider becoming a presenter.  It may even benefit your career.

Some suggestions
Java/JDK 8
Lesser Known Java Features
JDK Optimization for Production
Introduction to Scala (or Akka or Play Framework)
Ruby on the JVM
Groovy Today
The Grails Framework
Spring 4.0
Exploring MapReduce
Exploring M/R on Spark
First step with the Cassandra
A Look into Cascading / Scalding
Machine Learning on the JVM
Java on PaaS (Cloudfoundry, Heroku, GAE, Beanstalk, etc)
The JVM on
The JVM on Apache Mesos
JavaFX Today
Functional Programming on the JVM

You want to become a presenter? Send email to or DM @tampajug on Twitter.  Don't see your favorite subject in the list? Let us know and volunteer to share your ideas about your favorite tech.

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Feb 2014 Meeting Wrap Up
The Feb 2014 Meeting, which took place Tuesday 25, was a resounding success.  Despite the rainy afternoon, many turned out to hear about RabbitMQ in the enterprise.

Meeting Materials
Presentation Deck - Google Docs Presentation
RabbitMQ Website -
RabbitMQ GitHub -
RabbitMQ Tutorials - Spring-AMQP -
Special Thanks
KForce - Food and Venue Sponsorship
Vladimir Vivien - Speaker

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