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Every time I hear somebody say technical SEO is dead I remind them that Moz's SEO Cheat Sheet grew 2x in size this year.

If simply making sure your site is crawled and indexed wasn't enough, today's technical SEO works with social meta data,, international targeting, mobile optimization, authorship, multiple sitemap syntaxes, evolving linking best practices, pagination, duplicate content and canonicalization issues, and now even the newer concept of entity associations.

Simply put, your Technical SEO deserves a raise.

(by the way, you can find the SEO cheat sheet here: )

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Who has been hit with the Panda update, this time it seems to be even more thin content.
Panda update rolling out

Earlier this week, we started a slow rollout of an improved Panda algorithm, and we expect to have everything done sometime next week. 

Based on user (and webmaster!) feedback, we’ve been able to discover a few more signals to help Panda identify low-quality content more precisely. This results in a greater diversity of high-quality small- and medium-sized sites ranking higher, which is nice.

Depending on the locale, around 3-5% of queries are affected.

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Check out these 12 Steps to SocialMedia marketing success in this great Infographic

#SocialMedia #Infographics

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Create a Viral Marketing Treasure Hunt with Google Business View  Now that there's a call to action to "Add a Virtual Tour" front and center at the top of the Google My Business dashboard, you'll have more clients asking about it. GET CREATIVE and guide them!

Want to get clients more click through, better stick rates, higher conversions, attract natural links, social mentions & word of mouth advertising (the best kind)?  Then "See Inside" this post. Haha... pun intended! ;-)

#googlemybusiness #googlemaps #googlelocal  

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Ruffled feathers because of pigeon? Read +Linda Buquet take on the latest update.  #GoogleLocal #pigeon #seo

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This just cracked me up and I kind of want a Diet Coke

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Google's "Pigeon" local algorithm update - a roundup

It's been a big week for anyone involved in local search, especially for anyone with clients in the US. Google updated their local algo for results in US English, which has sparked huge debate and a certain degree of panic. While it hasn't affected us here in the UK (yet) we've been watching things intently as things unravel.

Here's a roundup of what's been going on:

+Barry Schwartz broke the news last Thursday on +Search Engine Land here with a follow up here that contained a few links off to some interesting discussions elsewhere around the web.

How has Pigeon affected the local search results? Initial reports from +Moz suggested a decline in the traditional local 7 pack of over 60% However +Darren Shaw reported a drop of just under 24% After some conversations with +Mike Blumenthal and a spot of re-analysis the Moz figure was adjusted to much the same as that from Whitespark A 24% drop is pretty significant but there doesn't yet appear to be much consistency to which searches have been hit.

The update also seems to have been a win for Yelp and other local directory sites, as reported here by +Matt McGee If this update does eventually roll out here in the UK I would expect sites like Yelp and Yell to see similar results.

As ever the dedicated +Linda Buquet has a lively conversation going on over at the Local Search Forum with reports coming in from across the US.

Will be interesting to continue watching this and see whether there are any further updates or tweaks down the road.

#PigeonUpdate   #localsearchmarketing   #googlelocal  
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