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Tammy Van Gils
Writing Hope for the Everblooming Life
Writing Hope for the Everblooming Life


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Halting the Assault
first one drifted into my thoughts and I didn't notice. Then a few more slid in
and I began to pay attention. Within a minute, I knew it was a full-on assault.  The
enemy is like that—sneaky, clever, and dangerous. Like a lion with ferocious
claws, fang...
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Cooking Up Love
not fair." Those words escaped out of my mouth, but I wished they'd stayed
in my head. Don't
you hate it when you do that? It feels like the brain mouth connection are
lacking an important item—the filter that polishes up disappointment and
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Chasing Shadows
not sure what woke us up, the howling wind or Moose--our eleven pound Yorki-poo—needing
a quick trip outside. But a few minutes later, at two thirty in the morning,
Hubby and I sat soaking in our hot tub. Looking up, we marveled at the crisp,
bright moo...
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Heaven's Court
entered the wall-less room and walked down the aisle flanked by benches on
either side. Goose bumps creep down my arms and my hands begin to sweat.  Holding my head higher, I move further down the aisle and notice the creepy
creatures on the left seem to ...
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Surviving Fallout from Old Wounds
have a box neatly tucked away. Not in a closet but in my mind. I'm not proud of this box; actually I wish no
one even knew it existed. There really isn't a good description of its
contents. Let me simply say it's packed with lots of unsightly and harmful
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Project Photo Legacy
Legacy photo boxes for my boys Do
you have a ton of photographs stashed somewhere? Maybe in albums and boxes. I've
been weeding through about a half-million pictures since the beginning of this
year. What a project! I
had a plan. Go through every album and ...
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Gratitude & Hope
I restocked the wood stove and gratitude warmed me more than the heat coming
out of the blower. You
see, I'm not a fan of bugs, especially spiders. And God had the foresight to
allow the cold weather to kill the bugs so when my hubby brings the wo...
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Tough Love
you ever had to practice tough love? Most
of us have at some point. Like
when we have a family member who makes mistakes one right after another,
usually dragging us into their drama. Or when we are wrongly blamed for someone
else's bad choices which w...
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New Word Fusion
Have you ever searched for the exact word to describe
something and realized there isn't one? So you made up your own. I did that last week as I sat in a writer's critique group
and pondered these dear friends who are enthusiastic about all things writing. ...
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From Lava Rock to Marble
a rough, bumpy piece of lava rock. Once upon a time that was me and maybe even
you. Hang
on, let me explain. Most
of you don't know the younger version of Tammy who had a temper, could be
rather direct, and one minute struggled with low esteem and t...
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