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Tammy Lenski

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A political canvasser teaches an important lesson in persuasion and conflict resolution.
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Tammy Lenski

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Hold the date for Breaking the Cycle: The Leader and Manager as Coach, an organizational conflict coaching workshop with Tammy Lenski.
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Great negotiation story from Seth Godin
"Excuse me," said the gentleman. "Do you have a dollar for four quarters?" Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and thinker Seth Godin, had just parked his car on Manhattan's Upper West Side when he was approached by a panhandler. The question caught Godin's attention because it's not the question he expected from the panhandler. And Godin actually did need quarters for the parking meter. So he and the stranger completed the transaction. Th...
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My annual 1-question reader poll - please participate if you read my blog, newsletter or social media posts!
Every single one of you who reads my blog or newsletter matters to me. I'm here because you're here, after all. If you've been a reader for a while, you know that I periodically ask you to help me see myself through your eyes. This is one of those times. […Read on...]
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Tammy Lenski

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If you want to do a better job of managing emotions during conflict, remember this story to guide you.
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Tammy Lenski

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Four stress-free holiday tips I gave a Coca-Cola writer
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Tammy Lenski

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Have you heard about The Loneliest Whale in the World?
Just like other narratives, our conflict narratives -- the stories we tell about our conflicts -- reflect who we are.
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Tammy Lenski

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A brief self-mediation exercise for everyday disagreements at work and home, from professional mediator Tammy Lenski.
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Tammy Lenski

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A brief self-mediation exercise for everyday disagreements at work and home, from professional mediator Tammy Lenski.
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Tammy Lenski

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What if, instead of viewing conflict as something that leaves permanent cracks and breaks in our relationships, we viewed those fault lines as testament to what the relationship has weathered? What if, instead of trying to ignore or hide the damage, we revered it, understanding that “as good as new” is a misguided goal?
The Japanese art of kintsugi offers a beautiful and important way to think about relationship conflict and resolution.
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Evelyn, I think the question of whether or not you need more training is related to the type of conflict resolution work you want to be doing in a health care setting. If you're interested in resolving conflict between people who work in healthcare settings, then it's hard to imagine your MA wouldn't be more than enough. If you're interested in handling employment grievances or patient grievances arising out of Obamacare issues, then you're probably going to want some very in-depth knowledge of the new laws. What is it that you want to do, specifically?
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Tammy Lenski

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I was moved by this image and wanted to share it with you. It was created by Lucille Clerc the day of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack in Paris. #JeSuisCharlie […Read on...]
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there is permanent any thing in the wolrd. The change is envitable. one may come one may appear one may disppear and there is nothing permanent. what happens in future uncertain. Nobody knows when death comes. Nothing permanent in the world. Destiny of human can't change nothing can be changed one's own destiny. Howerver, one should put best effots to live happyly. one should not thing all things are parmanent.    
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Listen to my interview of Cinnie Noble about her latest book, Conflict Mastery
Conflict resolution speaker, author, teacher and coach Tammy Lenski interviews Cinnie Noble about her latest book, Conflict Mastery: Questions to Guide You.
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Conflict resolution strategist for executives, project managers, HR and mediators
I help leaders be calm, creative, and agile in conflict, and teach conflict resolution professionals how to master their craft and business.

Building on almost two decades as a professional mediator, executive coach, speaker, and conflict resolution professor, I specialize in:

- Helping leaders, managers and mediators master the inner game of conflict resolution and negotiation.

- Teaching how to problem solve skillfully and creatively.

- Helping conflict resolution professionals succeed in business and resolve conflict masterfully.

Bragging rights
2012 Mary Parker Follett Award from the Association for Conflict Resolution, for innovation in the conflict resolution field.
  • Middlebury College
    B.A. in Literary Studies, 1983
  • University of Vermont
    Masters in Higher Education, 1987
  • University of Vermont
    Doctorate in Higher Education, 1992
  • Woodbury College
    Certificate in Mediation & Conflict Resolution, 1998
    500 hours
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Contributor to
Conflict resolution and negotiation consultant, mediator, coach, speaker, educator and author
conflict resolution, negotiation, coaching, speaking, training, teaching
  • Myriaccord LLC
    Founder & Principal, 1997 - present
  • Trinity College of Vermont
    Vice President/Dean, 1992 - 1997
  • Champlain College
    Assistant Dean, 1987 - 1992
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Peterborough, NH
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PO Box 462Peterborough, NH 03458 USA
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