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Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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Bad Reviews Can Destroy a Business
Something came up this week with a client and I wanted to share the experience so other business owners could learn from it. When I bring a new client onboard, especially one that has a high retail or business to consumer model, we will talk about a review strategy. The first part of the talk is ...
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Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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If you want to grow your local business you’re going to need a great local marketing strategy. #localmarketing  
Here is a local marketing guide for you complete with an action list. Use your local marketing efforts to get more customers today!
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Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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#InternetMarketing 3 Things You MUST Know for Success! Attached is a quick (easy) lesson!
Not using Internet Marketing to grow your business? Here are 3 shortcuts to a quick start! Stop delaying! Get started today with this guide!
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Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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Can you guess what the #1 FAIL is when it comes to designing a website? #internetmarketing
The purpose of a website is THE MOST mis-understood piece of building an Internet marketing strategy. Here's the 7 points that matter.
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Yes Susan you're exactly right but it's also more than that. Too many entrepreneurs trust developers for too much. They're not business strategists and for the most part they're not Internet strategists either. Go into the relationship educated and knowing exactly what you want.
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Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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What are you doing to A) Get more leads. B) Stay in touch with the customers you already have? You need to have an active #Internetmarketing strategy.

Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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Click here to read a training on placing a Facebook Promoted Post.
Everyone knows that Facebook has become a pay-to-play game. That's okay because the investment is solid and the pay off is so worth it. I've literally witnessed promoted Facebook ads drive traffic right to a storefront. Facebook promoted posts are perfect for promoting your brick-n-mortar or ...
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Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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A whooping 68% of all emails in 2015 was opened on mobile devices . BUT Only 61% of marketers optimize their emails for mobile devices. Money is getting left on the table! Is this YOU?
Your entire marketing strategy revolves around a handheld device which has become the core consideration. How does your website look?
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Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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Use Email Marketing in 2016 to Move Mountains in Your Business!
I love teaching Internet Marketing for Beginners and email marketing is one of my favorite topics! It's the tool that I used to grow my business fast!
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Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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The purpose of a website is THE MOST mis-understood piece of building an ‪#‎Internetmarketing‬ strategy. Here are the 7 pillars that must be in place for a profitable website.
The purpose of a website is THE MOST mis-understood piece of building an Internet marketing strategy. Here's the 7 points that matter.
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Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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The ability to stay focused is at the core of ANY success. Here's 4 questions to ask yourself. #focus  
The ability to stay focused on your goals and achieve optimum clarity is the key to any success. Perhaps you need a time out in your business?
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Tammy Hawk-Bridges

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Did you know that for a few dollars a day you can grow your business faster than ever? #internetmarketing  
If you want immediate ROI for your marketing dollars it's time to think pay per click advertising and seize Internet Marketing. Here's some strategies!
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I design training and educational tools to teach entrepreneurs marketing tactics they can use to grow their businesses.
I'm really enjoying my journey being in charge of my own destiny! However, it hasn't always been giggles and smiles. When I left corporate America I had a rude awakening! I thought being a smart businesswoman gave me a sure-in. I was VERY wrong. 

It took me a few years and a painful failure to figure things out. Along the way I happened upon my purpose.

I teach entrepreneur marketing tactics that allow them to grow profitable businesses. 

So if you want to trade your cube for the comfy couch at home - I want you to know that it's very possible! I've done and I've trained many others to do it.

You just need to be smart. You need to have a plan - and you need to understand marketing.

Please visit my website for TONS of free tools - just click here.

Let's connect in other places!
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Married to the man of my dreams and have 3 INCREDIBLE kids!
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
    Business, 1985
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Marketing and Profitability Strategist, Entrepreneur Mentor, Author
I help entrepreneurs to find profit clarity in their business, identify sales opportunities and I teach them to leverage the Internet.
  • Perfect Marketing Equation
    Owner, present
    I hold the flashlight for entrepreneurs. I teach them how to create success and profitable businesses.
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I got way more than a beautiful new hairstyle at this salon, I got an amazing experience which I needed so much! The owner and stylists of this salon make you feel at home - it's a truly different experience. Morgan was my stylist and did my color beautifully! It was exactly what I wanted. I can't imagine ever going anywhere else.
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Becca is an amazing photographer! Top-notch and very professional. She takes her work very seriously and ensures she delivers for her client. She goes to great lengths to make sure that you're happy. I will never use another photographer! Just because someone has a fancy camera doesn't make them a professional photographer! It pays to hire the best!
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