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The more governments get their grubby paws into things the worse they get ... my employer is leading the resistance, at least on this one useful front ...
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Tammo Spalink

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Google 2-Step Verification

If you do only one thing today, please enable 2-step verification on your Google account. We have a Getting Started guide here:

And step by step instructions for setting up SMS here:

Then download the app for your Android, iOS, or other smartphone here:

How it works

2-step verification works by requiring both your password, which only you know, and a one-time secret number generated by your phone, which only you have, the first time you access your Google account from a new machine or device.

So while you might have your password stolen someday, or you might lose your phone, it's very unlikely both would ever happen at the same time. Unless you wrote down your password on the back of your phone.  But you wouldn't do that, now would you?  : )

It's easy!

A few minutes today means you won't ever have to worry about someone getting into your email or your other personal data again. I've enabled 2-step verification on all of my Google accounts and I sleep much better at night for having done it.

Today's the perfect day to enable 2-step verification, too.  My heart goes out to Mathew Honan after he lost his password to hackers last night [1,2].  Now, like thousands of others who hear his story, he will no doubt be setting up 2-step verification on all of his accounts right away.

It's for you!

Keeping personal accounts safe is something that everyone wants, not just famous journalists or computer geeks.  While it doesn't happen every day, sometimes anyone, even you or me, can make a mistake and accidentally let a password fall into the wrong hands.  So why not take just a moment today and make sure that even if it does happen to you, your data will still be safe and secure forever.

Let us know in the comments once you've set everything up!

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Tammo Spalink

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For all of the Americans out there...
Millions of Americans oppose SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S.. Two bills before Congress, known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA) in the Sena...
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Tammo Spalink

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"The story Binney tells is one of extreme over-reaction by America's national security establishment post-9/11. He recounts developing a small software system, called ThinThread, in the late 1990s at the NSA where he was the technical director of the organisation's 6,000-strong World Geopolitical and Military Analysis Reporting Group.
ThinThread correlated data from emails, phone calls, credit card payments and Internet searches and stored and mapped it in ways that could be analysed.
Binney wanted to use ThinThread to track foreign threats but it worked too well and kept catching data on Americans too."

Read more:
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Tammo Spalink

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Anyone have a version of this with chinese subtitles?  This should be shown in schools...
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Reminds me of a documentary I saw a couple years back. It is unfortunate that so little progress has been made on this front. Perhaps Ramsay will get more traction. 
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Tammo Spalink

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yes...WAS.... XDD
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